Posted by: bklunk | August 17, 2006

Getting Started

I am using this site to track blogs that students in my course will be keeping during the semester. From time to time I will feature and comment upon posts that they make in their blogs.

I am recommending that students establish blogs either through Bloglines or WordPress.

Students’ blogs will be evaluated on several dimensions.

A. Was the blog established on a timely basis?

B. Did the student regularly and frequently post to her or his blog?

C. Did the student’s posts reflect careful and critical reading of news accounts or other bloggers’ posts about a subject?

D. Did the student’s posts refelct accurate use of concepts, theories or other analytical tools from the course?

E. Did the student comment on other students’ blogs or did the student respond to comments made on her or his blog?

F. Were the student’s posts well-written?

G. Does the student’s blogroll present a useful series of sources for someone who is interested in the subject of the blog?

H. Did the student make the required first post by September 8?

Happy blogging everybody!


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