Posted by: bklunk | September 4, 2006

A Sensible First Move

mmullen does something very nice with her first post:

My first analysis of the conflict between India and Pakistan

By mmullen I first saw my topic for my blog assignment, I realized that Ireally did not know much about the conflict between India and Pakistan.Hence, I knew I needed to do some background research, which this firstblog will describe. All of the following information was used from thewebsite listed above. This conflict really originated on August 15,1947. On this date, India gained its independence from Britain.However, India contained many various religious followers, and itseemed that the best way to maintain peace was to seperate thesereligious followers. Before India gained its independence, it wasdecided that India would be divided into two parts: India would be hometo the Hindus while Pakistan would be home to the Muslims. Thisseperation posed a problem for many people, who happened to live on thewrong side of the newly made boundary. As people tried to move to theright sides of the boundary, a lot of violence ensued, which led to thedeath of around half a million people. Unfortunately, the conflict didnot end there. Before the boundary became official, two city-states,Jammu and Kahmir, were in contention in regards to whether they wouldbe part of India or Pakistan. Maharja Hari Singh, the ruler of thesetwo city-states, did not know which country to join since he himselfwas Hindu, but the majority of his population was Muslim. He thereforedecided just to sign a “standstill” agreement with Pakistan, so hecould still trade with this country. Although he did not sign a”standstill” agreement with India, Maharja eventually did sign anagreement with India called the Instrument of Accession. Maharja signedthis agreement because he needed armed assistance from India after thecity of Kashmir was invaded by a Muslim insurgency, which Pakistansupported. Finally, on October 1947, the Maharaja agreed to join India.The Pakistanians were extremely irate because they believed since themajority of the states’ populations were Muslim, they should haveconceded to be part of Pakistan. This was just the beginning of a longseries of battles and conflicts over the region. More of this conflictwill be described later.

Most of the bloggers in this class may find themselves in mmullen’sposition, not knowing that much about the issue they are blogging. Doing a little background research may seem pretty obvious, but I’m notsure that everybody would go ahead and do the research the way mmullenhas done. Oh, and by the way, mmullen, next time it would be helpfulif you made the BBC link live so your readers could follow it.

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  1. I am working on setting up blog responses by my World Politics students here at the University of St. Thomas. Just a test message!

  2. It worked. I will try to be diligent in keeping fresh content up on the blog. Visitors can use the categories link on the right sidebar to look for posts on specific topics.

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