Posted by: bklunk | September 6, 2006

California’s Global-Warming Solution

California’s Global-Warming Solution

URL: California’s Global-Warming Solution

 Here’s one from savbot

It would be nice if that could be true.  But I’ve read the climate change been going on for over 150 years.  If that is true, how are legislators just going to “stop it” completely?

I’m really interested to hear what some other people have to say about this, but let me take a whack

1.  But I’ve read the climate change been going on for over 150 years.  Okay, where did you read it? On what basis was the claim made?  I would like to see a more critical approach to material.

2. There is a big old logical leap from “climate change has been going on for 150 years” to how is California adopting AB 32 going to “stop it”.  So let’s try some logical connections:

  • California has a huge economy and whatever California does puts pressure on other jurisdictions.  Of course, California, by itself, won’t solve the Greenhouse Gas problem.  But California can push the process;
  • Specifically because if California is committed to cutting emissions it will be more profitable to invest in alternative energy sources;
  • Schwarzenegger emerges as a model of a Republican taking leadership on GHG issues, making it more likely that Republicans and Democrats can find some common ground on this.  Prediction: the Republican nominee in 2008 will embrace something like the California approach. 

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  1. I’m not sure what point SavbotJ was trying to make, but the article in review was excellent. Written by John Doerr, a founder of the Greentech Network and venture capitalist for Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers in Menlo Park, California, the article had a very interesting viewpoint. Instead of talking about the global ramifications of emitting greenhouse gases like an everyday doomsayer, Mr. Doerr writes the article from the point of an economist, and therefore probably a realist as well.

    Mr. Doerr makes only brief mention of the California Global Warming Solutions Act actually helping the environment, instead his focus is on how to create a new market for California and eventually America and the world. Motivation for solving a problem such as world wide CO2 emissions may not matter in the end, so long as the results are positive. If republicans want to make a few hundred million dollars off of eachother by buying and selling ‘credits’ earned by reducing a corporations allowable atmospheric emissions, let them. Members of ELF should be happy, regardless of how the emissions are reduced, and California labor unions will love an “increase [of state] income by more than $4 billion while providing 83,000 new [high-tech] jobs.”

    This is a resolution met by Republicans and Democrats because both saw a way to please everybody; idealists, economists, and environmentalists. And if it creates the next big American innovation like dot-com, energy trade, or service support, then look to the rest of the world to follow suit. Haha, the world saved by greed once again.

  2. Regarding global warming in general: I am not anything close to being adequetly acquainted with the science surrounding the issue. As this fairly casual observer sees it, though there is disagreement surrounding the issue, there seems to be a significant scientific consenses that significant global warming is taking place, that it is due in large part to human activity, and that it could cause the death of countless millions. There are some who disagree with this. But even if we were to qualify the predictions of scientists and accept that significant global warming may or may not be taking place, it is still an issue that must be addressed immedietly and aggressively given the drastic consequences should it come into fruition. Put simply, the potential it entails, particularily for the world’s poor, is too terrible for us to do anything else.

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