Posted by: bklunk | September 9, 2006

A Careful Blog Analysis

Russian International Relations – Powered By Bloglines

JennaRiggio has done an outstanding job here. Let’s look at what makes this so useful:

            I analyzed a blog called RussiaBlog. There are two
authors/ creators of this blog. The first is Yuri Mamchur. He is the
Senior Foreign Policy Fellow with the Discovery Institute. He is a
graduate of the Russian Tax Academy School of Law in Moscow. He served as Director of International Relations for the Sodeystvie Fund. He also attended Georgetown and was a representative for one of the first Ukrainian private businesses in Moscow.

            The second creator and author of the
blog is Charles Ganske. He is a writer for the Discovery Institute’s
Cascadia Project. He has a B.A. in history from the University of Texas. He has also interned for the Texas Public Policy Foundation in Austin, and the Hudson Institute in Washington, D.C.

This provides us a good picture of who is writing/editing this blog.  It also gives us the bases for checking on whether the organizations with which they are affiliated are at all biased.

            The first thing you see when you go to is a big advertisement for the Discovery Institute. This
makes sense, because of the affiliation that both writers have with
this Institute. Although this advertisement is in your face, it seems
that this is the only real advertisement on the blog. There are some
links to other websites that promote travel to Russia and such, but for the most part, the advertising is kept to a minimum.

            The blogroll is complete with a
variety of websites and other blogs. They cover topics like the
economy, culture, news and current events, tourism, etc. This blog is
not one focused on just one of these categories. It attempts to cover
many of them. In this way, it is a good blog for me. I have little
knowledge of Russian foreign policy, or its internal workings. This
blog gives me a comprehensive look at Russia,
without focusing too much on one aspect of it. As a newcomer to the
ways and the world of Russian politics, it will be beneficial to me to
read a little bit of everything. Then once I have gotten my feet wet, I
will be able to move on to more focused or specialized blogs.     

            I think the blogroll and this blog
in general has a fairly balanced perspective. The authors of the blog
seem to be more on the liberal side of the spectrum, but I think they
try to at least give the other side some coverage as well. It is
impossible for any written or reported material to be completely
unbiased. No matter how hard a writer or reporter tries; there is no
way to keep one’s opinion out of an article completely. Therefore, I
think these authors do a decent job with their reporting and compiling
of articles.

Now JR is trying to analyze the blogroll.  She could have made this better with some specific details, but she JR is definitely on the right track here. 

            I do think these authors are
attempting to create a serious blog. They aren’t just throwing out
random stories and trying to bat down any person who comments
negatively on their reporting. I also feel that this blog has helped
me. It has offered me a beginner’s course on what is really going on in Russia. I have read articles on torture in the army, abuse of children, terrorism, the G8 Conference, and Moscow’s birthday celebration all in the same blog. Because of my limited knowledge on Russia,
this blog has given me a chance to see Russian politics from many
different angles. This will hopefully improve my skills in analyzing
the future issues that I read about.

This is one of the nicest parts of JR’s post.  Notice the specific information supplied.  Well done!

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