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Take a Look at This Blog

I recommend that everybody take a lookat mina19’s whole blog on Bird Flu.  mini19’s most recent post is shown before.  This is not my favorite post from mina19’s blog.  If you look at mina19’s whole series of posts you will see some interesting, even sophisticated things going on.  The blog so far has developed as an interesting effort to use many of the tools we have been developing, levels of analysis especially.  Some of the posts are quite thoughtful and well composed.  You owe it to yourself to see it.

“I’d rather die, then kill my chickens”

KABUL, Afghanistan —  Bird flu has been found at two sites in Afghanistan and there’s a high risk that tests could prove it to be the deadly H5N1 strain, a U.N. agency said Monday.

The U.N. Food and Agriculture Organization said five swab samples from backyard poultry farms in Kabul and the eastern city of Jalalabad tested positive on Monday for H5, and that tests were under way to discern the subtype.

“There’s a high risk that the virus detected is H5N1, but other possibilities remain at this time,” an FAO statement issued in Kabul said.

Makes sense. Afghanistan is geographically in Southeast Asia. So far, the countries that have been infected with the bird flu are all geographically either in Southeast Asia or Africa. They are also LDC (less developed countries). This story was from March 13, 2006

The link above is a really interesting approach to handling the bird flu in Afghanistan by the women. It reminds a lot of the CNN documentary we saw with Christian Amanpour in Professor Klunk’s class. In one footage, workers from the United Nations demonstrated to the Ethopian people who to farm their land even with poor quality soil. The United Nations, once again, have exhibited their commitment to helping the world learn how to cope with these type of situations so that they can then progress themselves.

One widow in Afghanistan stated “I’d rather die then kill my chickens”. It just portrays how much the things that many of us have in well-developed countries take for granted and the appreciation that many inhabitants of less developed countries have for nature.

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  1. In response to this article on the Avian Flu, I believe it was an interesting take on a very serious issue. Yes it is great that the UN is taking steps to help the women of Afghanistan avoid this horrible and life threatening disease by showing them how to properly take care of their chickens, however there are, in my opinion, bigger issues not being addressed. First of all, the article talked about the lack of ability the government of Afghanistan has to control this potentially life-threatening disease in a mass amount. They admitted, “that there is an enormous challenge to detect, treat and control avian flu in this vast rural country, characterized by poor communication and roads, widespread fear and misinformation about illness, a sluggish bureaucracy and a poultry population living at close quarters with often illiterate people in thousands of small farms and backyards”. Yet so far the UN seems pleased that they have taught about 3,00 women how to properly take care of their chickens, but what about the other millions of people out there raising chickens? The UN has not even put a dent in the prevention of this disease rather they are making themselves feel better about the situation. In my opinion that UN has a lot better capabilities of helping more than just 3,000 women.

  2. if the virus turns out to be the deadly H5N1 strand then this is not only an issue for afghanistan but for the US. If the virus is not contained into afghanistan it could become a large pandemic killing millions of people including americans. the virus could spread and in spreading can change the RNA of the virus making all the billions of dollars the US has spent on H5N1 vaccines irrelevant. It is in US interst to help afghanistan contain the virus and prevet spreading and illness. i know in countries where there is high risk of th bird flu the government has offered reimbursment for famers to kill their chickens if they possibly have the virus. but again this posses a problem as they could have sick chickens and not kill them but still get the money for them.

  3. The H5N1 strand of the avian virus is serious and should not be taken lightly. There are differences as to what is more important to the people of Afghanistan, but what needs to be considered is the whole picture. Because of the current situation in the Middle East and with so many people from around the globe stationed in Afghanistan for different reasons, the virus transmitting from person to person and then from country to country is very possible. The Afghanistan government needs to take control of the situation because this is such a deadly virus.

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