Posted by: bklunk | October 15, 2006

A Hot Topic

It is good to see YoungPilgram blogging on this very hot topic:

Negotiations with Sudan

The Sudanese government has rejected the deployment of a 22,000 strong U.N. force.Any military action from the U.S. will be rejected because Sudan is an Islamic regime. The Sudanese government has also stated that Al-Qaeda will attack non-African forces in Darfur. This is quite a possibility because Sudan has long hosted Osama bin Laden and his businesses.Now the question we must ask is should we take Sudan by force,or negotiate in a diplomatic way? British Prime Minister Tony Blair believes bribing the Sudanese government with debt relief aid will get them the admit U.N. peacekeepers, but others believe a more forceful tactic is needed. So will violent acts bring peaceful solutions, or should we give Sudan another opportunity to negotiate?

Could we see the source YoungPilgram is referring to here?  It would be useful to see just what the source had to say.  Otherwise, we cannot evaluate how YoungPilgram is addressing the matter.  One has to wonder (a) because it seems highly unlikely that the US would be involved in any peacekeeping force and (b) nobody really recommends taking Sudan by force.  It’s a huge country.  Still, the questions raised are useful and I will look forward to YoungPilgram discussing them more in future:  how can the outside world effectively intervene to stop genocide in Sudan?

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  1. I think that taking Sudan by force, at this point, would not be the best idea. I think that giving aid in the forms of money and goods would be the fastest way to gain the governments support and allow U.N. peacekeeping troops in. Sudan seems way to unstable to allow forceful entrance, the government is going downhill and cannot control its own land or people, Sudan has and still is housing terrorist organizations, the country has pretty much no economy. The government is in need of money and control; if the U.N. were to strike some sort of deal trading goods and aid for entrance of peacekeepers I have a good feeling that the government would eventually take the deal. I think waiting out for a deal would save more lives then any military action would, and citizens could be more welcoming to troops if they had aid coming in. And not have a force takeover would also make some people more willing to cooperate with the troops.

  2. I disagree. I don’t think giving funds to the Sudanese government is going to help anything. If the governmental officials are already using the current funds to carry out these acts, what good would it do to give more funds that they could use for the same purpose? Why support a government that is helping to carry out these attrocities? Corruption within the government is one of the major issues that African nations are dealing with and the world should not be involved in allowing the leader to profit off of the hardships of the people. There has to be another way to make sure that the people of Sudan get the things they need without just giving money to the government.

  3. Since Osama bin Laden had his first terrorist home in Sudan, all caution should be taken when approaching this topic. Taking Sudan by force will not be good. The US is already involved in Iraq. Unless the European countries want to take on Sudan, then by all means if force is all that can be done then it shold be done. It will lead to war and I despise war but it’s something that’s necessary.

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