Posted by: bklunk | October 15, 2006

A New Species

TinySagittarian posts about the discovery of a new (or previously unknown) species of bird. Check out the articles for the photos of the bird. As we go along, it would be good to see TinySagittarian look at some of the international efforts to protect biodiversity like the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).…

New Bird SpeciesThis is from earlier in the month. I was really excited to see that this bird was found in Colombia (where I’m adopted from). Its strange though I don’t really think of it as being so diverse ecologically. When I think of new species being discovered I think of Brazil. I can’t really say what I think of when I think of Colombia. I mean I know it has jungles and lots of beautiful animals. Maybe it’s one of those cases of you’ve seen one forest you’ve seen them all and it takes these reports to realize thats not true. I’m curious to know about the other species they have found.

Here is another article stating that the area the searchers were in was the last bit of cloud forrest in that region. Now 500 acres are a national park for the species

So apparently this bird maybe be on the verge of extinction. Yet one of the two birds the captured died in captivity. I have some questions bubbling around in my head now about how they go about identifying these new species, how do they go about protecting them, and what about when something like this (where the animal dies in their hands)? I’ll have to think on it some more, the actual questions aren’t quite forming.

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