Posted by: bklunk | October 22, 2006

As Yogi said, ‘It’s Deja Vu All Over Again"

I don’t have a profound comment about JennaRiggio’s post here, but I am quite interested in what others have to say.

Is Russia a new oppressor?

URL: George Bush, You will Meet the Judgment of History

The continuation of the deportation of Georgian citizens from Russia is very disturbing to me. I find it so mind blowing that after two World Wars, the Holocaust, Japanese Internment, Rwanda, the Sudan, and several other examples in history, that the human race can continue to act so cruelly to one another. Georgia was once the ally of Russia. They were seen as fellow Slavic people. Now, they are the enemy to Russia. And it is not just the state of Georgia that is being punished for the Russian-Georgian disagreements and tensions, it is the Georgian people who will suffer. Georgians are being deported from Russia left and right. Stores owned by Georgians are being shut down. This to me seems more than an act of political sanction. It seems eerily like the beginning of the Holocaust, when Jewish stores were being boycotted and ruined. Although, I don’t really think this path is the one Russia will take, I think it is sad to see our fellow human beings treating one another with such contempt just because their countries are involved in a controversy. The history of the past century should be evidence enough that this kind of treatment of human beings is unacceptable. Hopefully, Russia’s current dealings with the Georgian people will not continue in this hurtful way.

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  1. What are the correlates of this current situation? Most conflicts are the result of many historical processes that have led to the present situation. I too hope that these peoples resolve their issues, but we must first understand how these issues came to be in the first place.
    For example, you mentioned that the Russians and Georgians once saw each other as fellow Slavs. Well, the Hutus and the Tutsis were once the same people–these names were given to them by the Belgian colonists based on who had a certain amount of cows. After a while, this separation became so engrained in the peoples’ identity that it led to some crazy, charismatic people to lead the Hutus to systematically slaughter around 1 million Tutsis. Crazy, huh?

  2. A look back at the history of the Soviet Union reveals some startling things. There was a famine that took place around the late 20’s and early 30’s in Ukraine. Some sources I’ve found have talked about the role of Russia in taking the food supply and seed for the following year to feed the Russian people while letting the Ukrainians starve. The prison camps that were all over the Soviet Union are evident in some of the major infrastructure that was built during the 1900’s. Terrible acts were committed, but its a side that Russia probably doesn’t want the world to know. After looking into some of the history of Russia and the Soviet Union, I would hope that they would not choose to go down the same path again. I would be interested to hear what tensions are causing the Russians to act in this way toward the Georgian people.

  3. In response to Rachel’s question about what is causing the Russian people to act this way to Georgia….
    There are several events that have caused Russia to act this way. First, there has been a Russian/Georgian territory dispute. There were two areas in Gerogia that were being occupied by Russia. This began the tensions between the two countries. After a while, Gerogia became impatient with what they considered Russia’s infringement on their territory. “Georgia is angered by Russia’s tacit support for rebel Abkhazia, considered by the United States, the European Union and major international organizations as part of Georgia.” (Yahoo News) Georgia soon began fostering stronger ties with the West. This again angered Russia. Also, the Russian embassy was shut down in Georgia, and the ambassador was recalled. As well as, four Russian officers were arrested in Georgia and charged with spying. All of these things have led to the mounting tensions between the two states.

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