Posted by: bklunk | November 5, 2006

A Constructive Role

An interesting blog post from msaechao.  Does it look like China will be playing a constructive role in international relations?


China Helps to Settle North Korean Nuclear Talks

According to the October 31st issue of USA Today, China played a key role in prompting North Korea to return to disarmament talks. As President George W. Bush said, “I am pleased, and I want to thank the Chinese”. Since China provides most of North Korea’s exports of diesel and heating oil, China can simply cut back on exports and it’ll get their full attention. North Korea refused to have disarmament talks without direct contact with the United States. So China took the initiative to arrange a meeting for the two nations to negotiate. Thus helping to prove the importance of China’s involvement in the whole case. China’s successful collaboration with the United States drings goos signs towards the establishment of a stronger Sino-American relations. And according to Assistant Secretary of State Christopher Hill, the meeting was a success and that the six-nation negotiations will resume as early as December. Woth their moves, China proves that they are able and willing to cooperate with the United States and showing that significance of thier role in international affairs.

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  1. I feel that by China intervening on the situation with North Korea, it will definitely add a neutralizing effect. North Korea’s dependence on China will definitely make them listen. I see China playing a mediator role in future negotiations and talks of halting the nuclear plans. By North Korea refusing to have disarmament talks without the U.S., China was able to pull in and arrange a meeting. I think that this is very exciting and almost relieving. I do think that the six-nation negotiations in December will be more successful as long as China continues to play a firmer role. China is evidently a huge factor in determining the success of the meeting as well as preventing any extreme decisions by North Korea. Ultimately, China must remain neutral as long as North Korea continues to cooperate. The upcoming meetings shoudl play out very interestingly, however, I am unsure if anything will really come out of them initially. I think this will take some more time.

  2. I think that China is playing a very constructive role in this whole matter with North Korea and their nuclear weapons. I think that China realizes how important of a role they can have in this matter and their ability to influence is great. China had an opportunity to show that they are a powerful country and they are going to use their influence is a positive way, which is reassuring. Only good, I feel, can come from China’s role in this whole North Korea Nuclear problem and hopefully down the road in December they will still continue to play this constructive role in the 6 party talks.

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