Posted by: bklunk | November 5, 2006

Bye, Bye Sadr City

bhughes4 makes this note: 


USA Today and the New York Times reported that the US Military base in the city in Sadr is being dismantled due to demand from shiite’s.  I actually am in favor of this proposition, because it communicates to the Iraqis that we care and we are listening, soon with the help civillia we will be able To round up the rest of the terrorist scum and exterminate them.

It would be nice to have a link here so we could check out an original source.  Otherwise, ti would be useful to have more analysis from bhughes4.  However, it seems unlikely that the US or others will be able to completely exterminate all who commit acts of terrorism.

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  1. We must also remember that there is a civil war going on. That shiites and Sunni’s are killing eachother. I just read an article called Surviving Life in a Baghdad ER, which described the horrible working conditions doctors were facing and how shiites would come in daily killing sunni civilians. so whether or not it was a good thing that the US left Sadr, the northeastern city of Baghdad. I also will note that your comment on the “terrorist scum and exterminating them” is very inappropriate. they are human beings but they did committ and are committing serious crimes and may they be punished justly by execution.

  2. Yes, there is a civil war going on. And, apparently the country is not able to help itself and need outside intervenance. The conditions by which the innocent are living is extreme and sad. However, it was time for someone to step in and rearrange things. When countries are not capable of doing this themselves, outside help is detrimental and other forces need to step in to protect the civilians. I do not think it possible to exterminate the terrorists completely, but I do feel it is vital in order to overcome the current situation.

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