Posted by: bklunk | November 6, 2006

Where China Bargain Shops

Managing Globalization » Business Blog » International Herald Tribune

Daniel Altman, who keeps this neat blog on globalization, suggests that an aspect of the new China-Africa international economic agreement may be that China is looking for someone to play China to China’s U.S.

But the most interesting part of the summit, for me, was something one
of the African representatives said in an interview with BBC Radio:
It’s not just that China wants our natural resources, they want our
low-cost exports, too.

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  1. If Africa becomes the China’s “China” who, after time will become Africa’s “china”? If China does go to Africa for their low cost exports that would be good for Africa, it could boost African economy, create more jobs, abd possibly help the 33% of the African population who are malnuturished. but what happens when African begins doing well. They could raise their prices to make more profit then to China, Africa may no longer be a “bargain” so they may reduce, or cease exports. both players should take caution in this economic game.

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