Posted by: bklunk | November 12, 2006

An Artifact of Postmodern War

ddelari reports on the first case in the International Criminal Court.ICC It’s interesting to me that the case comes out of what might be called a postmodern war, a war where the stakes had little to do with the interests of a state or even how a state ought to be ruled . . .

International court in first case

URL: International court in first case

The International Criminal Court has opened its first case. The defendent in Thomas Lubanga, a militia leader accused of using child soldiers in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The conflict that Lubanga was involved in occured in the northeastern province of Ituri. The United States has been very much opposed to the ICC as the International Criminal Court is known. This is because of fear that United States soldiers may be brought up on charges in the court in future conflicts. This in a way would interfer with a courtry’s sovereignty. If U.S. soldiers act in a criminal matter, presumably the United States military would be in charge of punishing the soldier, not an international court. The conflict in which Lubanga is being charged is also interesting in its causes. Many people believe that the conflict was an interethnic one, in which the Hema fought the Lendu. However, many, including a BBC reporter cited in the article, believe that this was only the outward appearance of the conflict, and that it was really centered around the rights to gold and other mineral resources in that region of the country. Conflicts have been known to erupt over access and control of natural resources. Be it the ‘oil curse’ of OPEC states, or diamond mines in various African countries, such overreliance on these resources or competition for them often result in unstable governments and slowing of the rate of development for civilians.

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