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Which is More Trouble?

MMcGehee asks an interesting question about the difference between international terrorism and international organized crime. 

Organized crime, terrorism bot…

Organized crime, terrorism both scourges: Day

Updated Sat. Nov. 4 2006 11:54 PM ET

Canadian Press

ABBOTSFORD, B.C. — Minister of Public Safety Stockwell Day says international terrorism and organized crime are similar in terms of the large amount of damage they can do with relatively little effort.

But, Day says while terrorists get the 15 minutes of fame, criminals receive massive payouts for little work.

He says Canadians can stop people from becoming terrorists or criminals, and that schools and churches should play a role in preventative justice.

The minister also says the government has committed $1.4 million to ensure the safety of Canadians.

Day made the comments to a security forum at the University College of the Fraser Valley.


In response to this article taken from NewsNet, I would have to agree with the Minister of Public Safety in that terrorism and organized crime are quite similar.  Although many would argue that oranized crime is far less harmful and dangerous, this could not be further from the truth.  Organized crime can create a lot of destruction to a society and its economy especailly when people are taking money from for illegal acts such as drug dealing.  Also, organized crime seems far more common than terrorism because their are numerous gangs in every city in most of the cities throughout the world.  The main difference between organized crime and terrorism is that we hear about terrorist attacks far more because that’s what people in our country seem to fear the most. One similarity could be that both use scare tactics to get what they want or need.  I agree that more needs to be done to rid the world of organized crime. 

It is plausible that international organized crime does as much actual harm a?s terrorism.  MMcGehee is certainly correct that we hear more about terrorism, but another difference is that terrorists’ principal aims are political.  How do others see the difference

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  1. In response to the differences and similarities between organized crime and terrorism: Both of these are major issues facing the world community, but they also have some major differences. First terrorism is something that came to life basically after 9/11 while organized crime has been around for year. Also each of them seems to have clearly different objectives. Terrorism is basically like a protest against something like a government or a certain religious belief, while as organized crime is mostly about making money to a certain aspect. Organized crime can contain a wide variety of illegal activities including things such as prostitution and the black market just to name a few. What I mean by all presenting these differences is that both terrorism and organized crime have to be dealt with in completely different ways. Especially is this day in age terrorism seems to be a much larger problem complex problem than organized crime. Terrorism has so many variables to it and there hasn’t been a true consensus on how to deal with this problem. This is mainly due to the fact that the people who are committing these are for the most part willing to die for their cause. Where as the people involved in organized crime I don’t believe would be willing to throw their life away just to make an extra dollar/


  2. I would have to say that both organized crime and terrorism are two huge problems in todays world, but I would have to say that terrorism is by far a larger worry in my mind. Organized crime as been around forever (not that, that makes it ok) and tends to stay to its self, only causes major harm to those that get in its way. On the other hand we have terrorism that sets out to casue harm to everyone and any thing, the goal it to create terror and pinic to farther a certain agenda. Terrorist taget everything while ogranized crime is just about bettering ones self, I doubt that a member of the mafia would ever stap a bomb to themselves and then go and blow up a bus full of people.

    In response to something that RP said, “First terrorism is something that came to life basically after 9/11” is not true at all. There have been acts of terror since the the dawn on man, in more modern times key example are: the Munich Olympics, constant suicide bombings in the Middle East, Europe, Asia (just to name a few places) and the Oklahoma City bombing. Just to name a few…

  3. I think the main and most important difference between organized crime and terrorism is the fact that terrorist are willing to give their own life for a particular cause. In addition, they kill with no distinction. It is true that the same can be said of organized crime, but honestly it’s not on as large of a scale as terrorism. Your average crime lord isn’t going to fly a plane into a tower. It is hard to combat such acts making terrorism much more of a threat. There is no doubt that both are bad, but in my opinion terrorism is a far greater threat to our country than organized crime.

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