Posted by: bklunk | November 13, 2006

Run, Lamy, Run :: Daniel W. Drezner :: Sign # 347 that the Doha round is deader than a doornail

Dresner comments on reports that Pascal Lamy’ recent visit to New York bodes well for reviving the Doha Round:

like a cautiously positive story, until you get to the marathon part. I
saw Lamy speak when he was on Boston, and it was clear that he had
trained rigorously for the marathon. This is great for Lamy, but it
raises the obvioius point — no WTO Director is going to have the time
to train for a real marathon if there’s progress to be made on a trade

[So what should Lamy have done with his time?–ed. Oh, the
impasse is not his fault — the WTO director has practically no power.
His ability to train for the marathon is a symptom of the stalemate
among the key countries — not a cause.]

Second, even if Doha goes down, and even if enthusiasm for free
trade slows in the Congress, progress towards liberalization can still
be made. Consider that in the past week, Vietnam was admitted into the WTO, and the US approved Russia’s entry into the organization
as well. There are a few other economies on the outside looking in —
Ukraine and Kazakhstan, not to mention a third of the Middle East– and
if the US can facilitate their entry, then the WTO can live up to its

Should Lamy be doing something more assertive to promote a renewal of Doha?

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  1. I am not sure that Lamy has it in his power to promote the renewal of the doha round of negotiations any more than he already has, being a founder of the program, constantly bringing it up as a mention at every wto meeting might loose faith in him as the Directo- General of the WTO. If he is constantly pushing his own program, one might soon believe he has his own intrests in mind and not those of the 150 participating states

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