Posted by: bklunk | November 14, 2006

Would It Be Too Snarky to Call This One “Better Late Than Never”?

Bush in VietnamPresident’s Trip to Asia – 2006

President Bush will travel to Hanoi, Vietnam to attend the 14th
Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Leaders’ Meeting on November 18-19.
At APEC, the President looks forward to continuing his robust dialogue
with APEC Leaders on ways to ensure the continued prosperity of the
Asia-Pacific region. The President will have meetings with President
Triet and Prime Minister Dung in Hanoi on November 17, and will hold
bilateral meetings with other leaders while at APEC. While in Vietnam,
President Bush will visit Ho Chi Minh City.

The President also will travel to Singapore and Indonesia during his trip.

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  1. Late? He went to the 2005 APEC meeting. In fact, the White House website has stories about Bush meetign with APEC and APEC member states going back to 2001. So, yes, it WOULD be a tad snarky 😛


  3. It’s not the APEC part, it’s Vietnam, a country he (in)famously avoided visiting some decades ago.

  4. Ah, ah, my mistake.

  5. The visit to Vietnam is of particular interest as Bush has recently made connections to the Iraq war, and the Vietnam War. He possibly decided it would be a good idea to show that the problems of war don’t exist permenently between two countries such as Vietnam, and the U.S., and that Iraq has a possibility of percevering in the future just as Vietnam has. However it is more likely he decided to visit Vietnam because it is a growing market for trade via textiles in the region, and offers an alternative to China. China is benefiting greatly from trade with the U.S., while the U.S. itself is suffering, mainly as a result of China fixing it’s currency to that of the dollar. Vietnam offers an alternative to China, and it’s fixed product cost in dollar amount, which in the process should give the U.S. a greater benefit in trading cost/losses.

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