Posted by: bklunk | November 20, 2006

From Makaveli

Rice warns Iraqis of sectarianism

URL: Rice warns Iraqis of sectarianism


Gunmen in Baghdad killed a prominent Shiite Islamist politician on Saturday as Secretary of State Rice appealed to Iraqis not to let the sectarianism fuelling an orgy of violence destroy their country. Violence in


still continues as the country begins to resemble a rogue state without any law and order. The killings between the rival factions in the country have created instability. Many of these individuals killed are tortured before they are finally executed. Recently, four American contractors and one Austrian contractor were kidnapped by masked gunmen. It’s difficult to see that these “insurgents” want the


to pull out of


when they are conducting barbaric acts against noncombatants. I understand that they see the world in black and white, but these actions are completely heinous and go against everything the Koran says. These Islamic fundamentalist need to get there act together. This is an unconventional war, were the enemy is using tactics that violate our rights as human beings. We will see how it will turn out in the end.


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  1. Is it really a surprise that the insurgents are using such drastic tactics? According to most in the Islamic community suicide bombing also goes against the Koran, but that’s not stopping them. While the actions they do I consider heinous and unacceptable, after everything that has happened I am not surprised by it. They are targeting non-combatants probably because they are easier targets then military personnel. In my opinion they are frustrated and trying hard to avoid the drastic change that is happening around them and they are lashing out back at who they feel is responsible and that is simply foreigners. So although I disagree with there tactics and rational completely, it is not a stretch of the imagination to envision this happening.

  2. I agree with both posts that these acts are both heinous and go against the Koran. What is sad is that the Koran has been so drastically misrepresented and Islam given such a poor name because of the fundamentalist community. I read an article last year about a Koran scholar who was able to convince members of al Queda that their views were not represented in the Koran. I wonder if there is any hope to spread the real message of Islam to combat fundamentalism.

  3. The kind of lawlessness here seems to me more like 20s Chicago with beefed-up weapons, rather than an insurgency, especially in how these gunmen control the political process. It seems to me that the FBI is almost as suited to this challenge as are the Armed Forces.

  4. I agree that these acts are heinous and against the Koran. But with the last comment on how the FBI is just as suited to handle these problems as are armed forces. I cannot see how the FBI could handle these problems. The insurgents are for the most part military trained and the FBI is no where suited enough to handle them. Not to mention that this is happening oversees where it may be very difficult for a small group of FBI agents to handle this type of violence. The Armed Forces are the most well equipped and trained forces that we have to handle this type of problem. The U.S. is dealing with a very well prepared enemy that’s why the FBI would be no where near as suited to handle this challenge.

  5. I agree with the statements about the Koran being misinterpreted. A majority of the insurgents are young unemployed men who needed something to believe in. Individulas such as Osama Bid Laden and others have found ways to effectively brainwash these individuals by misusing the Koran. America’s big mistake was dissolving the Iraqi Army entirely which left many military trained young men unemployed. In turn, they were sucked up and employed by radical extremist groups responsible for the insurgency. There needs to be a major effort to create jobs for these young and impressionable men.

  6. It’s so sad to see that a historically peaceful religion has been hijacked to fit the needs of Islamic Fundamentalist who are angry at the West and believe that the Holy War still continues to this day. The Crusades played an important role in the creating the world we have today. The current situation in Iraq has been considered grim and deteriorating with the both ethnic groups killing each other off to win control of the country. One possible way stop these actions is to divide the country into provinces because it will be only way that these hard-headed individuals will realize that their actions are affecting future generations in Iraq. So far, there seem to be no end in sight, just a vicious cycle of reckless retribution.

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