Posted by: bklunk | December 4, 2006

A Long Way to Go?

Here’s a brief but interesting post from mmullen.  Around the world it seems that the better off women are the better off the whole society is. 

Draft bill enabling girls to divorce approved by Pak cabinet

URL: Draft bill enabling girls to divorce approved by Pak cabinet
This is an interesting article and it relates to the human rights topic we discussed in class. Basically, around the world women still face many injustices. Women get less pay than men, they do not have as much access to primary education as well as professional training, and they often do not have as prestigious jobs as men. This article describes how Pakistan is taking small steps to give women more rights, but they still have a long way to go. According to this article, “The Pakistan cabinet has approved a draft bill seeking amendments to the country’s family laws in order to enable girls, who have been married off as minors to settle long-running family feuds, obtain divorce on reaching puberty.” Therefore, it seems that before this law was passed it was illegal for women to get a divorce. In fact, it may still be illegal because this law only allows women, who as minors were forced into an arranged marriage to get a divorce. Consequently, Pakistan as well as many other parts of the world still have a long way to go to achieve full equality between men and women.

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  1. Wow. Nice find. That is really crazy to think that Pakistan currently does not allow divorce. I was under the impression that they were much more progressive than that. Additionally, I find it amazing that as you indicated, this law still doesnt give full equality in regards to all divorce for women. This makes me question 1) how many other inequalities between men and women exist in Pakistan, 2) if these are the laws in Pakistan, what are they in other countries around the world that are even less progressive in womens rights legislation. Finally, it makes me realize that although the US still has a long way to go to obtain full equality, we are certainly in a much better position that many others around the world.

  2. I would agree with Brian that it is crazy to think that Pakistan currently doesn’t allow divorce; however, I don’t find it to be surprising. There are many countries around the world which have made progress towards women’s rights and rights of other groups of people throughout hundreds of years. Unfortunately, we also have to remember that there are still a great number of countries in the world who are still slow to progress towards “human rights”.
    While it seems absurd to us as U.S. citizens that not all women in Pakistan are allowed to seek divorce we have to also remember that we are basing our beliefs and views on OUR ethics and principles. The people of Pakistan have many views different from our own because of their culture. So, while we are seeing change we also need to remember that women’s rights and other human rights will take a great deal of time to put into action. I believe that we should commend Pakistan for taking the current action that they have, and we should be encouraging them to continue to move forward.

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