Posted by: bklunk | December 4, 2006

Can’t Stay, Can’t Get Out

While Washington and much of the rest of the world waits for the Baker-Hamilton report, Suhaila reflects on the now-failed state situation in Iraq.  No doubt IR scholars will spend the next couple of decades trying to figure out what happened in Iraq.

Iraq! Iraq! Iraq!

    Endless controversy about what to do in Iraq has been devastating the White House and the recent highlight of the news: “Iraq panel to advise gradual U.S. pullback,” (CNN article) has ignited the problem. The realist approach, given the current tensions in Iraq, would say that there is no solution for Iraq and that the U.S. can not do anything else about it. This is the message that the Iraq panel is giving about by advising U.S. pullback. Unfortunately for the U.S. if this turned out to be the case, Iraq already drowning in its failure would continue to collapse into virtually nothing.
    The Iraq situation still confuses many people and often is questioned. Many people still think that the U.S. went into Iraq because that is where the terrorists who were responsible for 9/11 were hiding. Wrong. The question now is not why the U.S. went to Iraq, but how a failed state such as Iraq can ever improve? In order to continue with this analysis one should consider the main problems within Iraq.
    1. Political system is not nearly as strong as it should be
    2. Internal fighting and power struggle between Sunnis and Shiites (civil war)
    3. The Role of the U.S.
    So, before the Iraq panel advises a pullback, they need to consider the social and political consequences that have already been fueled by U.S. intervention and the overall effect that Iraq’s failure will have on the interests of the United States.

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  1. Can Iraq ever improve? I want to say yes, and to be honest I think they have a better chance of doing so without the U.S. being present. However, I do believe that we still need to deal with the situation because it was our choice to invade Iraq and our actions have caused most of the unrest there. Instead of using our military to establish a government that can stand on it’s own two feet, we need to use more diplomats than soldiers. We are spending billions of dollars and have lost a great number of men and women to something that currently has no solution. I think that by pulling out our troops we will not only be saving money and U.S. soldiers lives, but Iraqi lives as well. We could use the funds we have instituted for our military presence to ensure that the Iraqi people have adeqt water, the police personal adeqt supplies, ect.

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