Posted by: bklunk | December 4, 2006

Just in Time for the Movie

Benjamin-Dunphy has been watching conflict diamonds. The release of the new Leonardo DiCaprio movie Blood Diamond Blood Diamondseems certain go generate more interest in the topic.

Al-Qaeda funding terror with diamonds?

I recently found a post on that charges
al-Qaeda for obtaining funds for terror through the mining of diamonds
in Africa. Link:

“Stop Blood Diamonds” proclaims itself to spread awareness of conflict
diamonds, which are mined and traded to this day despite measures from
the international community, the organization says.

The organization offers tips for how to avoid the repercussions of
blood diamonds coming around full circle to affect their own lives:
spread awareness and tell everyone you know.

The accusations that al-Qaeda used diamonds to fund terror–in excess
of $240 million–has absolutely no links, sources, or evidence.
Hizbullah is also a target of their accusations.

Reports showed that Hezbollah made use of the countless Lebanese in Africa to carry out their activities.”

Who filed these “reports,” where they came from, or what they actually
say is not stated in the article. There only exists baseless
accusations by a writer who seems to have an amateurish command of the
English language.

I left a reply asking them for sources and links. We’ll see if they get
back to me, and then maybe I can take this post more seriously.

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  1. A very interesting looking film with a lot of potential to bring this issue to the conciousness of mainstream America. I think there is a tendancy in American society to treat issues such as this with an ignorant bliss. There is no desire among many Americans to see the costs that are paid for something that they consider a harmless luxury. There was a brief reference to this issue last year when Kanye West released his single “Diamonds from Sierra Leonne”, which made references to children losing limbs in diamond mines and briefly explored the costs of the diamond trade. A feature length film is certainly more in depth than a few rap lyrics, and while it likely won’t spark an immediate revolution, hopefully it can at least educate some.

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