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Paths to Peace According to alexandria8808

Week of Oct. 13th

Paths to Peace???

Peace Keeping: Liberal approach.

Struggle for Power: Realist approach.

Who might the [1] Inter-Governmental Organizations be associated with?

* United Nations Peace Keeping Force. * French Peace Keepers.

Who may be associated with the [2] Non Governmental Organizations?

* Doctors who are helping all of the wounded civilians. * Reconstruction groups wanting to help aid the reconstruction of the many damaged homes and facilities lost. * Environmental groups. * First aid groups. * Shelters for those who were evacuated from their homes. *Nourishment groups who supply food, water, etc.

Brief Term Definitions:

[1] Inter-Governmental Organizations (IGO’s) deal more along the lines of international affairs. [2] Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s) are private organizations that have members from more than one state/country that contribute to the well-being of civilians. They focus more of their efforts towards the betterment of civilian living standards.

Each group, whether it is an IGO or an NGO, has contributed to the betterment/ overcoming of the recent war. However, Lebanon’s IGO’s and NGO’s have put more efforts into rehabilitating civilian living standards and conditions; due to the greater urgencies that need to be met and acknowledged in southern Lebanon.

A Matter of Peace keeping, as well as struggling for balances of power and security.  While Lebanon has reached out an urgent hand to grasp onto peace-keeping motives, Israel steadily attacks these peace-keeping motives by continually threatening them with mock air raids [aerial bombings]. Although Lebanon urges some sort of peace incentives with Israel, they have no choice but to stay alert and on their toes in case of a sudden attack that Israel gestures, with their undisciplined fighter jet manouvres that heighten the levels of paranoia amongst Lebanese officials, as well as civilians. Looking towards international means of coming to an agreement of  ” peace-keeping,” turning to the help of the United Nations to reinforce a ceasefire, Lebanon has taken a more liberal approach to resolve this conflict; looking to establish cooperation and compromise with Israel. But on the other hand, Israel is more concerned with basic interests in security attainment and in power relationships it seems, taking the more realist approach to the lingering conflict, disobeying peace agreements and the means of ceasefire. Israel knows that Hezbollah has a strong military, that is very heavily armed, and wants to demonstrate to Hezbollah, that they, too, have strong military capabilities by flexing their aerial powers. In doing this, Israel is flattening the competitive grounds between the two, hoping to deminish confidence in the Hezbollan military and keeping them alert and aware that Israel is very militarily capable as well as they are. 

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