Posted by: bklunk | December 11, 2006

An Evolving NATO

aembrey notes this development in NATO.  What does this suggest about the mission of NATO?  It has been a long time since NATO was an anti-Soviet alliance, but what is it now? 

Croatia to join NATO

Croatia is likely to recieve a bid from NATO to join in the year 2008.
Public opinion, however, is not in accordance with this action.
According to a news source only 29% of Croatians approve of this
decision. The government in efforts to change public opinion is calling
on Croatian celebrities and important public figures to support
Croatia’s efforts to join. The article reads: “Prominent Croatians will
speak publicly about this issue, make
promotional videos and TV commercials to demonstrate membership
benefits. This strategy is being discussed and is to be finalised at
the beginning of next year.”

The main concern for the public, according to the article, is that the
majority of the citizens are afraid they will have to send troops to
Iraq in the near future. The questions that lingers is who will decide
the final outcome of the dedcision–the public polls or the Croatian

The report also suggests that albania and Macedonia are likely to gain
a bid as well. This article runs parallel to recent reports about NATo
trying to gain a wider military force while making tours asking
countries to join.



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