Posted by: bklunk | December 11, 2006

Realists and Liberals in Lebanon

alexandria8808 finds realists and liberals at work in Lebanon:

Recent Flash Back

Considering a realist’s path to peace and a Liberal’s path to peace.

Realists: are more concerned about power relations and have a basic interest in security and balances of power.

Liberals: look more towards international means of coming to compromises. They focus more of their interests on international law. They are more willing to use NGO’s to further incorporate peace movements as well as valuing collective security and making alliances amongst groups of states/countries that further creates a ring of security that could help to defend particular countries who show needs for help and extra security.

October 23rd, 2006, ” Lebanese police reported Israeli ‘ most intensive overflight’ of Lebanon after the ceasefire. Two jets flew low over Beirut, while four more aircrafts conducted a sonic boom raid in Tyre. France, who leads UNIFIL troops, called the continuing overflights ‘ extremely dangerous’ ” (Wikipedia).

October 24th, 2006, ” Six Israeli F-16s flew over a Germany vessel patrolling off of Israel’s coast just south of the Lebanese border. The German Defence Ministry said that the planes had given off infrared decoys and one of the aircrafts had fired two shots into the air, which had not been specifically aimed. The Israeli military said that a German helicoptter took off from the vessel without having coordinated this with Israel, and denied having fired any shots at the vessel and said it also had no knowledge of the jets launching flares over it. Israeli Defence Minister Amir Peretz telephoned his German counterpart, Franz Josef Jung, to clarify that ‘ Israel has no intention to carry out any aggressive actions’ against the German peacekeeping forces in Lebanon, who are there as part of the UNIFIL to enforce an arms embargo against Hezbollah. Germany confirmed the consultations, and that both sides were interested in maintaining good cooperation. Israel is demonstrating rather rebellious incentives towards Lebanon. Rather than considering concern for peace-measures with Lebanon, in performing aerial attacks over Lebanon, Israel is still, somewhat, in combat mode…wanting to instill paranoia in the Lebanese government as well as keep the Hezbollan military on their toes….further refusing to show/demonstrate any signs of weakness by wanting to reach “peace” and harmony. Demonstrating their military capabilities and flexing their powers, Israel seems to take on a more realist approach to their situation, while Lebanon takes on the more cooperative and liberal role of the matter by urging peaceful negotiations. The best path to peace, in this case, is possibly the liberal path to peace…where cooperating with one another and with the ceasefire, as well as reaching an agreeable compromise between the two fueding countries would result, possibly, more successfully over struggling to reach balances of power and security.

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