Posted by: bklunk | December 12, 2006


In the coming years, the international politics of Asia will be fascinating. 

Japan, India eye tighter business, political ties


This is an article from reuters on Dec.12, and it is said that Japan decided to have a good relationships with India from the aspect of both  business and politics. According to this article, this tie is against China, which is growing rapidly. Both Japan and India has a historical trouble with China in the past therefore they can share the interest however, it is criticized that Japan, who is willing to cooperate with India will be a bad influence for India, who is trying to rebuild a good relationship with China. I guess bipower system, which is China and India-Japan is a good way to improve those country. Moreover, the tie between India and Japan provide both of country a benefit so that I suppose it should be done actively.

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  1. This article relates directly to the one I commented on December 11. The previous article described how Pakistan wants China to become more involved in the relationship between India and Pakistan. However, this article describes how India wants to create closer ties to Japan. I believe this may be shaping up to an interesting power struggle between India and Japan versus Pakistan and China. By power, I do not necessarily mean military force; rather, I am referring to the power of influence. I think these international developments are a great example of the security dilemma as well. However, instead of competing for weapons, the countries are competing for allies. Pakistan gained an ally, or is at least trying to get one (China), and so this now forces India to gain an ally in Japan. It will be extremely interesting to see how these relationships develop.

  2. This is a good example of how the idealistic views of globalization and the liberal idea of cooperation can have a negative side. Such alliances opens the door to war. An example of such competing groups led to the outbreak of WWI. This is also where realism and liberalism meet. Here we see cooperation through international organization and at the same time there is that idea of creating alliances to balance powers. To go one step further according to realists alliances shouldn’t be permanent. Thet should be very flexible. Once they become rigid is when trouble may become apparent. But only the future can tell how things will turn out between China, Pakistan, Japan, and India.

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