Posted by: bklunk | December 12, 2006

Why Would Anybody Want This Job?

s-berg catches up with the UN Secretary General as he prepares to leave office. 

Kofi Anan

As I am working in my living room,
listening to and watching out of the corner of my eye Koffi Annan’s final
speach as Secretary General of the UN at the Truman Library in Kansas City,
Missouri, a question asked sparks my attention.  The question is asked by a Model UN high school teacher, and he
is interested in the international refugee situation. 

He asks: Can you talk about the future of
refugees?  How can we go about forming a
state for the stateless?  

Kofi goes on to discuss the importance of
coordination in the face of humanitarian disasters.  He urges that there have been successes in the international
community’s response to humanitarian crises, and the key to that is maintaining
a strong mechanism of coordination so that we can respond to this type of

He mentions briefly the difference between
a refugee and an IDP, and he sort of declares the depth of the hardships that
IDPs face in the international sphere. 

Kofi stresses, thoughout the rest of his
mini-speech on this issue, that the key to resolving the refuggee situation is
solving the problem that caused them to leave their homes in the first
place.  It is a characteristic of the
refugee community that once things change in their home countries, they are
likely to go back.  So, it must be the
international community’s first concern to solve these conflicts and restore
peaceful living conditions. 

The second major point that Kofi tackles is
the need for international sympathy for refugees.  He even goes so far as to urge anyone listening to appeal to
developed countries and ask them to sympathize with refugees and to integrate
them into their societies. 

All of this seems pretty ideological.  However, it doesn’t seem very

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