Posted by: bklunk | December 13, 2006

More Asian Affairs

a-arikawa continues our recent discussions about nuclear weapons and the balance of power in Asia.

Indian PM to seek nuclear blessing in Japan


This is an article from yahoo news, Dec.12,2006. It is said that Indian prime minister asks Japan to encourage US-India nuclear cooperation. According to this article, it is said that Japanese reactuib us not good as they expected. Japan is worried about the use of unclear weapon by the citizen in India, however some people support the cooperation because it gives Japanese firm good influence. This article concluded that Japan is just in a middle position of the world, therefore I hope Japan will make a right decision for the world as a nuclear damaged country.

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  1. What the right decision is I doubt anyone can tell right now. There are many different perspectives this issue can be looked through. Japan does have good reason to be fearful of nuclear programs. I think the reason is self-evident. At the same time should more and more countries be amassing more and more weapons because their scared. All it leads to is a weapons race where everyone is worse off than they were in the beginning. Then again if we look at how the situation between India and Pakistan has progressed other might argue differently. For some nuclear weapons build-up is a good thing because it provokes a stale-mate and ultimately leads to less war. Then again that is a pretty thin observation to rely on when nuclear war is on the line. Japan I think has less reason to worry though since the U.S. has basically promised to support Japan in cases of aggression, which should be good enough for now. I doubt Japan will take any extreme actions. It is more than obvious their main concern is economy rather than military.

  2. As of now, it would be impossible to tell what the actual ramifications will be to this. As Salwa stated above, an arms race is likely to ensue as a result but is not guaranteed especially when the United States has promised to aid Japan in case of an emergent agression.

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