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Most Admission Committees Just Check Grades and SAT Scores

sdminky gives us post based on interesting set of pieces.

Bar for BulgariaOver the past week or two, several articles have been published regarding Bulgaria, Romania, and the fstandards that have been imposed on them by the EU. This is all a part of the standards which the EU insists that Romania and Bulgaria fulfill as members of the EU (or incoming ones, at least… as they are supposed to join in early 2007).

The first article is from ABC News International, about how the “EU Sets Bar High for Romania [and] Bulgaria.” From the start, it seems that Bulgaria and Romania were countries that who would benefit from joining the EU. “EU membership, if formally approved as expected
next month, will be a lucrative prize for both Romania and Bulgaria two
of Europe’s poorest and most corrupt countries rewarding them for a
struggle over a decade and a half to forge open democracies and market
economies.” The EU hopes that the standards set for the two countries will stop further corruption and promote new policy that is better for the citizens. As of September 26, both countries still fell short of what was expected of them based on the poverty, economic condition, and governments. However, both are checking in and “[reporting
back to the EU every six months to make certain they stay on track.” This article is from a reliable source, as ABC News is a major news source for many. It is unlikely that such a large news company would publish anything untrue. Likewise, the author, William J. Kole, is a writer of several articles for the Chicago Sun Times, Deseret News, and ABC News seems to be credible.

The second article discusses the rules and standards set by the EU for food exports from Bulgaria and Romania when they become a part of the EU in a few weeks. This article, “EU tightens Bulgaria, Romania Food Exports,” was written earlier today and talks about the milk, meat, and animal products coming from those two countries. This is interesting because it raises the question of whether of not Bulgaria and Romania had been shipping milk, meat, and animal products to the EU before this had come up. If so, it would raise the question of what kind of problems there had been before because otherwise, why would the EU need to set standards for the two countries? That said, the EU will be also checking in on the food security every six months.

Another article, “EU: Transitional food safety and veterinary measures agreed for Bulgaria and Romania,” the Standing Committee agreed on proposals that restrict the meat and milk products which are currently being exported to the EU from Bulgaria and Romania. The EU wants these two countries to work up to a certain standard before exports can be accepted. The EU “also
agreed to an amendment to the transitional measures set out for products of
animal origin from third countries introduced into





1 January

At the last Standing Committee meeting, it was agreed that non-compliant
products introduced into




before the date of Enlargement should only be allowed to be sold on
their domestic markets.” This supports other articles and the facts that they discuss regarding the EU and their judgements on Bulgaria and Romania.

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  1. Wow…life for Eastern European countries just never seems to get any easier, does it? First forced into a bloc that ground them down, and now forced to work harder than anyone else in order to get into the bloc that could bring them up.

    Also of note is this comment:
    “”It would be a typical Romanian mistake to say we have our bags already in the cart and we no longer have obligations,” Tariceanu cautioned. ”
    Is it safe to say that Romania has some self-esteem issues? I’m surprised the EU didn’t lay out standards for those as well…

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