Posted by: bklunk | January 21, 2007

POLS 51–Episode 4: A New Beginning

Evaluation No. 1 (here goes)

It’s time for POLS51 to be blogging again.  Let’s start by commenting on this post by mitch 778, where he does a basic evaluation of a blog called THE CUNNING REALIST. mitch778 of Engineering with a Global Twist does a pretty nice job here of sizing up THE CUNNING REALIST.  One thing I would like to see is a little more evidence that mitch778 had done some greater in-depth reading of THE CUNNING REALIST and the blogs it links to.  Still, he does a good job of tracing TCR’s credentials and the fairness with which TCR comments on international politics.  EwaGT is off to a promising start.

    Scrolling through the list of example blogs, this particular one stood out due to its intriguing title all in capitals. It’s called ‘THE CUNNING REALIST’ and seems to focus on current issues in the international stage.

The author, whose real name is omitted, identifies with conservatism: small government, less spending, and, surprisingly enough, opposition to the Iraq War. THE CUNNING REALIST has impressive credentials to back up the posts on the site. Since I am unsure of who this writer is and for convenience purposes, I will use the pronoun ‘he’ to describe said writer. He receieved both a BA and an MBA in international business from Columbia University.

His blogroll includes Andrew Sullivan, Dan Drezner, and opinion pieces from National Review. In addition to those links, the author also reads from The Capital Spectator, Contrary Investor, and Hussman Weekly. I do not know much about these publications and therefore cannot render an opinion on their credibility. The author appears to be well-educated and informed on current developments meaning that these sites must be reliable.

The main issue, obviously, is America’s involvement in Iraq. The author seems absolutely against the invasion and its conduct since. However, he does not block out opposing viewpoints, linking to opinion sites that hold a different positions than he. He is firm in his beliefs, but respects other ideas. The author seems to have no advertising.

THE CUNNING REALIST does write rather well. It is also in a professional manner, never condescending or whiny. He does cover stories that the main media outlets probably don’t, making his posts enlightening. He offers plenty of links for people to either witness for themselves an interview or read articles from news sites.

I do look at this blog, and blogger, admiringly. It provides a reliable source of news, although, as with any blog, it requires supplementary material for a well-rounded summation of the day’s events. Overall, I applaud the efforts of THE CUNNING REALIST.

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