Posted by: bklunk | January 21, 2007

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Reflection on “What Terrorists Want” SO FAR……..

OmidaE if International Politics: Globalization is making good use of this blog by commenting on his reading of Richardson’s WHAT TERRORISTS WANT.  I would like to see other bloggers do the same. 

I’m not much of a writer coming from a Biological Sciences background, but hopefully my skills strengthen throughout this course as I continue to write in this weblog and read other peoples posts. I’d like to start my first blog by briefly expressing my opinion in regards to Louise Richardson’s book, What Terrorists Want.

Before reading the first chapter of the book, I had concerns in regards to the credibility as far as it being non-biased and inoffensive. In more recent years, specifically after September 11, the focus on Terrorism has increased greatly. From the scholars of the academia, to infamous politicians, and even to ordinary citizens around the world, terrorism has become a very pertinent subject matter for everyone. There seems to be a personal connection that everyone seems to have built up towards terrorism in some form or another, and this personal connection has given rise to a vast array of perspectives on the issue.

Terrorism is generally a misunderstood topic, and most people’s perspectives about terrorism are usually one-dimensional, emotionally-affected, and incorrect misconceptions. As Richardson puts it, terrorism has come to be “pejorative”, and “terrorists [looked upon] as one-dimensional evil-doers and psychopaths”. People don’t really question who these terrorists are and what their agenda is.

I’m not trying to convince anyone that terrorism is “okay” because it’s absolutely not okay to carry out cowardly attacks against innocent civilians, however, in order to understand the enemy, we must analyze their objectives and their character more in-depth. Upon closer analyzing, it will become apparent that terrorists are normal, sane individuals, who are using terrorist tactics to send a political message. They usually have legitimate political agendas, and when powerful countries, like the US do no help or cooperate with them, they resort to terrorist tactics.

Whether or not you feel that their political agenda is legitimate is irrelevant to the fact that using terrorism as a tactic is heinous and disgusting. However, one should not dismiss the ultimate message of these terrorists. The question you should ask is, “What do they want?”, and maybe you will learn that bombing and killing individuals responsible for terrorism is not the solution, but rather solving the root cause of their political agenda and understanding their perspective.

This is what Louise Richardson is trying to say. So far her explanations have been logical, unbiased, and neutral. She doesn’t seem to take sides, but simply dissects the terrorist. Not as a monster, but as an individual with an agenda. I feel comfortable reading this book and look forward to finishing it.

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