Posted by: bklunk | January 28, 2007

A Very Good Review

I recommend taking a look at ccloud’s review of TMPcafe « International Politics

The TMPcafe is a collection of bloggers.  As far as the authors are concerned, they seem to be credible sources.  Each of the blogs that I read contained a biography for the author(s).  The first on the list was Ernest Wilson who is a professor of Government and Politics at UMD.  His past professional history includes working on President Clinton’s NSC, and directing the Global Information Infrastructure Commission (among others).  He has received degrees from both Harvard and Berkeley.  The next blog is by Rachel Kleinfeld.  Her past professional and academic history includes being a Rhodes Scholar and being a director of the Truman National Security Project as well as consulting for other organizations such as the World Bank.  A third blogger is Bruce Jentleson who is a professor of Public Policy and Political Science at Duke.  He is also a Fulbright Scholar and has written several articles and books.  I suppose just to sum this up, that it seems as though the majority of the authors listed are certainly well qualified in their fields.

 I didn’t see a specific blogroll on the TMPcafe site.  There are, however, specific discussion tables for different topics which are discussed by members on the site.  It seems as though there is a liberal slant to the site (although there are, obviously, different opinions expressed throughout several of the blogs).  Also lending to the liberal feel of the site are the advertisements on the side of the page.  Many of them are “Democratic” in nature: from advertising a book about ‘What Democrats stand for?,’ to an advertisement sponsored by the Hillary Clinton for President Exploratory Committee, and an advertisement for the ‘Freedom to Marry Week.’  I’m not very filimiar with Technorati; however, quite a few of the blogs which link to TPMcafe seem to be liberal in nature too.  For example, “Think Progress” is a blog, and the first post there states “Just another opportunity for the Bush administration to score some meaningless political points.”  The credibility of different blogs which link to this site vary from amateur to seemingly ‘professional’ blogs.  Overall, it seems as though there is a majority of the sources which are more liberal than conservative in nature.

As far as the actual blog posts, some are definatly more well written, or at least more objectively written.  I read a few on American foreign policy abroad, and although some (such as a post I read by Ernest Wilson) are more objective and admit faults to many sides of an issue, there are others such as in Kleinfeld’s “Letter to Europe” which have some obvious digs at the more conservative side.  An example of this is when she says, “But it failed to suggest a way to curb Iran’s nuclear ambitions — which really should worry Democrats as much as Republicans if not more — since we actually CARE about the women, homosexuals, and minorities…”  Even though there are instances such as this of strong opinion in various places throughout the blog site, these types of blogs do help to understand the issue.  True, you’re only getting one side (which is of course, not complete); however, you are also getting valuable insight to some pet peeves of the argument.  This way you are able to see more of why people feel the way they do about a case in a way that you would not be able to in a completely objective blog (which is difficult to produce anyway).  Overall, however, the blogs seem intelligently and well-written.

It’s an interesting site to get a viewpoint from a variety of different authors, so personally, I’d recommend it!  You get a nice overview of some different issues.

This review pays attention to critical matters and provides a bit of depth. If only it had a link to the blog under review.

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