Posted by: bklunk | January 28, 2007

An Age-Old Question

Beffa’s International Relations Blog

But unfortunately I do not see a change to our inhumane war practices
in the future, nor am I sure that our army needs any reformation. War
has and always will be a terrible and gruesome tool of politics.
Putting rules to warfare is very contradictory when you think about it;
in essence you’re telling killers to kill but still play nice, at lest
to me that doesn’t make sense. Please don’t get me wrong I don’t
believe our troops should act as the armies of antiquity and rape and
pillage any city they occupy, but I don’t think that our soldiers
should be prosecuted for doing their job. In my opinion war is cruel,
but once you enter one you must be willing to do anything to win,
unless you wish to lose. I never wanted this war to happen and it pains
me to hear about the deaths Iraqi citizens that didn’t want this war
ether. But the reality is we send troops in to kill people and then our
nation punishes them for doing just that, how can that be considered

This blogger raises an age-old question. His conclusion is, I think, misguided, but his question is a serious one. The tradition of just war thinking requires that limits be placed on war-making activities. Our blogger makes this point himself. If this is killing as a “tool for politics,” then the way the violence is used has to be directed by appropriate political goals. Indiscriminate killing doesn’t seem to meet this test.

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