Posted by: bklunk | February 8, 2007

If Not US, Who?

peace and war looks at the prospects for Somalia. I wonder if the US doesn’t press the UN where will the impetus for the UN to be more aggressive come from?

Will Somalia finally have peace?

In an article from January 25th, explains how Somalia has an opportunity to have peace once again. For years it has been a safe haven for terrorists and chronic warfare, it would be good for the country and for the world to get this issue finally resolved. Ethiopia has been moving out of Somalia and a transitional government has been installed. The tricky thing is to get Ethiopia out soon before any conflict happens, as well as, the U.N. needs to take charge of peacekeeping and as long as the new government lives, there’s a chance for peace for a longer period of time. Bush administration has to pressure the organizations involved to move fast for better results. I feel the U.S. shouldn’t be the one to pressure the U.N.! The U.N. should be capable of acting in  a fast rate and not be known as a organization known to act slowly!!!It should definitely be more aggressive!

source: “Moment of Opportunity in Somalia”, The New York Times ( January 25, 2007

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  1. The U.N. is in no way a perfect organization, because it relies on state support. States are reluctant to support swift intervention, especially in as messy a situation as Somalia. Only with active pressure from key members can effective peacekeeping be done. As long as the sovereignty rests in the hands of individual and competing nations, U.N. Peace keeping efforts will always be sluggish and half hearted. No one wants to see their soldiers die defending someone else’s liberty.

  2. After reading an article in Mshale about a Somali protest, in Minneapolis, of Ethiopian forces in their country, I feel that the problem that the UN is stuck on is overstepping the soveriegnty of Somalia. Ethiopia has already violated the soveriegnty of Somalia and I think the UN is leery of entering into the picture. The African Union and the Arab League, to which Somaila belongs, both called for Ethiopian withdrawl. The position of US congressman David Payne, head of the African Sub-committee in the House, is that Ethiopia should withdraw form Somalia immidiatly, as well as all foreign forces. (as stated in Mshale, “Somalis Decry Ethiopian Invasion”, issue 279). With the sovereignty of Somalia already a hot issue, I can understand why the UN as well as US is slow in sending in peacekeeping forces.

  3. The issue that the UN seems to be reluctant about is violating the sovereignty of Somalia. When the country’s rights have already been violated not only now bt Ethiopia but several times thoughout history, I can understnad the UN’s position of hesitance. The African Union and the Arab league both call for Ethiopian withdrawl and do not endorse foreign troops being brought in. The official position of the head of the African Sub-committee in the House (US Congressman Donald Payne-NJ-D) is that he “calls for immidiate withdrawl of Ethiopian and all foreign forces from Somalia”. Although the US tends to not be a well respected authority on world affairs currently, the UN cannot ignore the stance we as a country have taken to not interfere. I find the UN response to be healthy and in the event that Somalia requests assistance, that is when outside forced should step in, not before.

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