Posted by: bklunk | February 15, 2007

Could This Work?

European Union to combat Global Warming « Gerry’s International Relations

Gerry’s International Relations offers this post. Is it possible that the EU action could lead countries like the U.S and China to further collaboration?

After recent reports of humanity’s effect on the environment, European Union officials
are making the reduction of greenhouse gases a top priority. All member
states are required to make concrete plans of how they will reach the
goals of the Kyoto Protocol. So far, 35 cost-reducing measures have
been implemented in order to make this goal possible. The various
institutions they plan to create must be finished by 2020. They plan to
cut emissions by 30% from where they were in 1990. While they have been
cutting emissions, the economies of the various member states have
continued to grow.

Although the Kyoto Protocol ends in 2012, there are already talks
about what should be done to continue to reduce emissions. They are
also talking with nations outside of Kyoto, such as the United States
and Australia, about how they can also reduce their emissions. The EU
hopes to get all major greenhouse gas producing nations to alter their
strategies in order to further protect the planet. These are very noble
actions of the European Union, but unfortunately if other nations such
as China and the United States do not join in the fight, progress will
not be made.

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