Posted by: bklunk | February 15, 2007

Only Their Arms Dealer Knows For Sure

Iran and some weapons found. « Justin Goes “International

Justin Goes “International” notes the ambiguities of linking Iran to insurgents in Iraq.

Heres the story…, the United States has found some weapons in Iraq. The weapons in question were some armor piercing rounds. The weapons are Iranian weapons, as the markings on them show that they were manufactured in Iran. Some high ranking officials in the military are saying that they are indeed weapons created and sold by Iran, however some of the higher ranking government officials are questioning this fact. The Defense Secretary even questions whether these weapons are from an Iranian terrorist cell, as he does not seem to have the same evidence that people before him based their decisions on. The White House spokesperson did say that they think they are from the Iranian Kuds Force, and this seems to be one of the strong ties that they have to Iran. Other than that, most of the information appears to be speculative. We will see how this develops, as too many people are jumping to conclusions with this story.

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