Posted by: bklunk | February 19, 2007

The Ties That Bind

Zimbabwe was one of the last of the British colonies in Africa, and one of the last bastions of white minority rule in Africa. Its government under Robert Mugabe has generally been seen as one of the worst in Africa and perhaps the world.

Sage – International Politics

The EU governments are extending sanctions against Zimbabwe. This includes a ban against the leaders in Zimbabwe. This is due to the history of human rights violations in the country.

As for the Zimbabwean government? They say that the EU countries made their decision due to pressure from Great Britain.

Now, I don’t know much else about the history of the situation (or why Great Britain would be applying pressure), but this artice is interesting in seeing how organizations affect country relations. (ie: banning travel of the President of Zimbabwe to member countries, etc.)

Just as a side note, this came from a Russian newspaper. I just thought that it was interesting that the article wasn’t in a paper directly related to either country/group (Zimbabwe or the EU).

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