Posted by: bklunk | February 22, 2007

Iran: War and Human Rights Concerns

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Concerns about a war between Iran and the US are growing in the Iranian blogosphere by the day.

While Iran refuses to halt its uranium enrichment programme, despite the United Nation’s resolution 1737, it is also being accused by the US of sending bombs to Iraq. Iran considers the enrichment of uranium as its right and denies America’s accusations of exporting bombs to Iraq. Newspapers and news sites are full of speculations about America’s plan to attack Iran and so forth. Both the American and Iranian governments are calling these speculations baseless.

War Game

Nikahnag, a leading cartoonist and blogger shares his idea about the current situation in this cartoon. In Farsi, it says: “Our activities are not military.”

Mr Behicriticises both the Iranian government and American propaganda. He says:

I am a critique of (the) Iranian government, the way they treat human rights and freedom of speech and so many other things but at the same time, I am outraged by the way the US is trying to collect means of putting pressure on Iran or attacking the Iranian people…The US is attacking the minds of the international community…bombing the logics…targeting sane thinking…yes you can bomb me but don’t you dare imagine that I will be that stupid to make my dislike of the Iranian government be the yes to militarism…don’t you dare bombing our minds.

2,700 days in jail for a Tshirt

International relations and a war with the US is not the only thing that makes Iranian bloggers worry. Human rights and Ahmad Batebi’s poor health condition is another hot topic in the Iranian blogosphere. Batebi, a student activist, has gone on hunger strike because his wife was arrested too.

Khorshid Khanoum thinks Ahmad Batebi won’t survive among all the war news in the media and the conflict between Bush and Ahmadinejad and will probably have Akbar Mohammadi’s destiny. Mohammadi died in prison under very suspicious circumstances.The blogger says she has become hopeless about situation like several million people. She adds with irony: “We are awaiting his death to collect the list of links to blogs which wrote about him.”

Azarmehr says the Iranian student who was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment during Khatami’s presidency, for having raised a bloody T-shirt of a student colleague at a peaceful student protest, was taken to hospital on Friday after going into a coma.

Abtahi, a reformist politician, says Batebi is not going to be on the amnesty list nor have a place or a title in a journal [Fa].The blogger says it is a very disturbing fact that human rights concerns are disappearing from our society.The blogger wishes Bathebi will be freed soon.

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  1. It is upsetting to hear of Iran’s severe lack of human rights for their citizens, and that they would go to the extent of imprisoning someone for peacefully protesting. It goes to show that this government needs to be very carefully watched, if they’re not looking out for their own citizens they definitely cannot be trusted to act responsibly on the world stage, especially since they are refusing to halt their program to enrich uranium. Nonetheless, I commend the Iranian bloggers that are risking their own well-being in order to spread the news concerning the injustices that are present in their country.

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