Posted by: bklunk | February 28, 2007

A Post of a Whale


The End of Whaling Season for Japan? « politics

With my previous blog about Japan and the whaling commission, stated that Japan takes advantage of its whaling rights. Also, Japan hunts numerous of whales during one season, and shouldn’t be allowed to hunt that much whales anymore. They claim it is for research, but many knows that they use whales as food. In this recent article, it mentioned that Japanese whalers are heading home after a whaling crusade in Antarctica. After a fire that led to the death of one of its sail-mate and the crippling of its ship, Nisshin Moronuki, Japanese whalers are finally heading back to their nation. With the Nisshin Moronuki damaged it could lead to a possible endangerment of the Antarctic environment. The ship has the capabilties to carry 1.3 million liters of fuel oil, making the ship vulnerable to spilling fuel oil into the ocean. For now, none of the oil had spill. Since it is posing a high risk of endangering the environment, New Zealand and many conservationists offered to tow the ship back, but Japan refuses, claiming that the ship could move with its own steam. Japan is making a huge mistake with whaling and denying the offer from New Zealand and many others. Their reputation is on the line, because many nations want Japan to stop the whaling for their own benefits. Now with more environmental problems caused by Japan, its not making a very strong impression for the rest of the world to see.

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  1. The fact that Japan is still permitted to whale in this day and age is an outrage to me. If they were indeed “studying” these whales why do they need to kill so many? It is a very horrible practice and the world needs to demand that they stop this hunting of innocent whales while also endangering our precious waters. It is obvious Japan is not concerned with the state of our Earth and all that makes it our home.

  2. To begin, I didn’t even realize whaling was permitted anywhere in the world. I thought most whales were considered endangered species and highly protected, even if they were being studied. I’m very upset that Japan is causing any of them to die.

    Japan’s ship, the Nisshin Moronuki, could cause a great deal of stress. If Japan’s not careful, this current situation could result in a gigantic problem. I just don’t understand why Japan will not except help from New Zealand. It seems so senseless.

    It could damage Japan’s overall reputation and change how the world views Japan’s importance of the environment.

    In my world politics class we are learning about conflict. Conflict is greatly affected by regions and how states act with one another. Who knows this could even results in a larger conflict between Japan and other countries. Land is extremely important to states because it is a clear form of ownership. Expanding on that, we just learned how the air about that land and the water/ocean near a country they consider there’s as well. If Japan damages another countries “property” they will not be too happy.

    Environment is a touchy issue for states because it directly affects where they live. Also, it’s so hard to fix once it’s damaged. I remember what big deal it was when Exxon caused an oil spill near Alaska. It damaged a lot of the coast line, causing hundreds of plants and animals to die. The public was extremely upset at the way their company handled it. Exxon’s actions caused an even larger mess than there was to begin with. Most importantly it damaged their reputation.

  3. What Japan is doing seems rather self centered to me. As of right now thir ship isn’t leaking fuel, but that doesn’t mean it will not start. If the fuel from the ship starts to escape into the water it could easily damage the water as well as any natural life that is there. When that type of toxin is put into the water, it’s the same as putting in into the air: you can’t control where is goes and it is incredibly diffcult to fix once it’t out there. Japan is not only endagering the ecosystem of the area they pollute is the oil starts to leak, but it could affect the ecosystem of areas thousands of miles away.

    Japan seems to be trying to exert some type of force and take a stand that they are strong. First by allowing whaling to continue in their country, and now they are denying help from New Zealand to help tow their ship. Really, all they seem to be doing is allienating potential allies by not denouncing whaling and potentially damaging the aquatic life of other countries. These are natural resources that really cannot be bought or sold. Once the clean water is gone, it will be gone. Once a species goes extinct, they will be gone. Instances where countries are putting their own selfish interests above the good of the world lead to further strife in the future. By ignoring New Zealand’s help, they are vitually saying we would rather dump millions of gallons of fuel into the ocean then accept we cannot do something on our own.

    It’s understandable that they would want to exert their indepence in some issues. This especially after being dominated and virtually controlled by the US for the past 60 years. But to do something kin to the disaster of EXXON is simpy selfish.

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