Posted by: bklunk | March 5, 2007

Security Dilemma

Justin Goes “International” raises some questions about Syria’s recent behavior:

Syria Stockpiling. « Justin Goes “International”

Syria is starting to acquire more weapons for its stockpile, in the event of an invasion or attack from an outside power. Syria is currently acquiring short as well as long range weapons that are able to deliver various payloads. It has been rumored that Russia is taking a part of this weapons trade by selling some of its anti tank weapons back to Syria.

It would appear that Syria may be going after Israel for some disputes over land that had taken place, and is currently taking place. Most of these weapons that Syria is purchasing are very capable of hitting key targets in Israel with little no no problems. However a build up like this worries me, as these arent no run of the mill should fired rockets…. These are the treal deal.


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  1. This build-up of weapons on the part of Syria is very concerning, and I hope the United States is paying close attention, but are we really surprised? It seems only natural that, with United States influence in the region and a militant Israel, that Syria would feel threatened. Also, with increasing international attention given to Iran regarding its nuclear capabilities, Syria probably feels that it needs to prepare itself for any eventuality. Israel has made it clear that it is ready to take action against a nuclear-capable Iran, and it seems only natural that Syria would wish to prepare itself for more war in the region. The United States’ invasion of Iraq seems to have further destabilized an already unstable region, and we should not be surprised that states in that region are beginning to react to that threat of instability and further war.

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