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Sometimes It Makes Me Wanna Holler, Throw Up Both My Hands

Maybe one of these days we will say “never again,” and mean it.

The Darfur Conflict « Sarah’s inside look on International Relations

The Blog named ” Honest Chaos” ,, was written to layout the general problem and situation in the Darfur region. According to the blog, there has been atleast 200,000 deaths of people. The mass killings are said to be either genocide or ethnic cleansing. What the blog also indicates is that it is about the people and how they are suffering. This is interesting because to make a point more powerful the use of an example is always helpful. This writer chose to highlight issues but not delve into them. I think one of the most important issues to talk about is how the UN will not recognize the mass deaths as a genocide. The United States has chosen to make a stand and classify this conflict as a genocide. This is interesting because sometimes the US does not seem to make a stand about political issues. The United Nations was created to create and promote peace and in a time of mass conflict and death it would be only right to classify the conflict as a genocide because that it what is truly happening in Darfur. Instead, the international community has not come together to decisively call the conflict a genocide. The reason I feel the international community has not come to this conclusion is because of self interest.

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  1. I, too, think it’s very interesting that the UN will not recognize Darfur as a genocide. I find it even more interesting that the United States is willing to call it a genocide. As the blogger pointed out, the U.S. is not always willing to stand alone in political issues. Then again, lately, it seems that the U.S. completely disregards the UN–as was the case with the war in Iraq. It is refreshing to see the U.S. take a stand for something that needs urgent attention.

    I understand that the UN wants to allow Sudan handle the problem, calling it a civil war. I also understand that the UN thinks that the AU should be able to try to handle the situation first. However, this is a war that has been raging for far too long, and it shows no signs of stopping.

    The AU has said that they have been trying to contain the problem, but that they just don’t have the resouces. And yet, Sudan’s President has insisted they stay, refusing any ouside assistance. This is probably a huge reason why the UN will not call the situation a genocide. By calling it a genocide, they would be forced to override Sudan’s sovereignty and intervene. How long does this “civil war” have to rage on before the UN or U.S. intervenes? How many more people have to die before it will be deemed a genocide? I am afraid to find out.

  2. It’s deplorable that the United Nations cannot find enough cooperation or desire in its members to advance the good will of all nations instead of themselves. How can you not call a coordinated effort between a government and a renegade militia to kill and persecute a people because of their ethnic identity genocide? I believe I know why- Oil, China, and Russia. China and Russia have enormous power in the United States because of their seats on the Security Council, and this is the reason why the United Nations have not been able to accomplish the mission for which the institution was created

    -to reaffirm faith in fundamental human rights, in the dignity and worth of the human person, in the equal rights of men and women and of nations large and small, and

    – to establish conditions under which justice and respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of international law can be maintained, and

    -to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom

    These are taken right out of the United Nations charter. How is not calling Darfur genocide promoting social progress and bettering standards of life in larger freedom? How it is reaffirming faith in fundamental human rights? If anything not calling the displacement, rape, and murder of hundreds of thousands of people genocide accomplishes the opposite message? It sends the message that arms sales for Russia and oil for China is worth more to the world than the lives of thousands of Sudanese. Unless the system in the United Nations is changed where one country can veto the rest of the world’s powers than nothing great will ever be accomplished.

  3. I also find it quite interesting that the U.S. has taken a stand in considering the killings in Darfur as genocide. It is especially interesting since the United Nations has not yet declared the situation in Darfur genocide. Although as mentioned above the United Nations has not been able to declare the situation in Darfur genocide because of some of the interests of its member states. While it is encouraging that the U.S. will take this stand I would also argue that it means nothing if the US is not willing to take action along with declaring the situation that of genocide. The U.S. only seems interested to take steps in international situations, such as the situation found in Darfur, when the situations negatively impact U.S. interests. Since Sudan has nothing of interest or nothing to offer the U.S., we will not be heavily involved in the conflict in Darfur. It seems that the only way to get U.S. involvement in Darfur is for people in the U.S. to put pressure on the government to take an active stand on this issue.

  4. The United Nations lack of action or recognition for the Darfur region of Sudan shows the lack of strength or tenacity the UN needs to possess. If the United Nations were to take a stand against the leaders of Sudan and force them to come to terms with the situation within their country – only then would the situation become fully resolved. I was, like the other responses, surprised by the United States stance for declaring the Darfur situation genocide, and responding as such. One would hope that the UN will follow suit and declare it genocide, although at this point I would be surprised if they did. By declaring Darfur genocide, it requires a firm stance and decisive action, which the UN tends to fail. They have the great ability at creating resolutions and constitutions that attack human right’s abuses and terrible acts, but it becomes different when they must back these resolutions. Trying to pass off responsibility on the country’s leaders (why did this happen in the first place? So that did not work), then the AU, but they have flat out stated they do not have the resources. Now when it falls back on the UN to help, they falter. It becomes a frustrating cycle of pointing fingers.

  5. Like the blogger outlined in the entry, I think the important part of the situation in Darfur is the fact that so many human lives are suffering or have already been taken. It frustrates me that an organization as important as the United Nations seems to have absolutely no say in what is going on, especially when it involves the destruction of human lives. Russia and China appear to be the two members of the Security Council that are holding back the council from taking any type of physical action in the region. I am glad that the United States has taken a stand on the issue and I hope that there are other states in the UN that take a stand and fight for the people being massacred there. The only way there can be any kind of stability and control over the region is if an outside actor takes some initiative and interest in the region. I think it is about time that the UN bring forth the major political issues that are holding back so much of the organization’s progress and try to move past them so there can be a peaceful solution in Darfur.

  6. I, along with the other people who have commented on this, think it’s unbelievable that the U.N. hasn’t yet taken a stand on this issue. One of the U.N.’s main purposes as a organization is to protect innocent citizens that are in these kind of situations. The fact that 200,000 people have already died and the U.N. has yet to take action is ridiculous. I also am very happy the U.S. is willing to take a serious stand on the issue. It shows that we are not afraid to go against the other members of the security council to try and do the right thing. It is clearly obvious the aweful things going on, and it makes me sick nothin is being done. The U.N. should intervene immediately before more innocent lives are ended.

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