Posted by: bklunk | March 21, 2007

It’s So Crazy, It Just Might Work

An interesting example of sub-national transnational regionalism or something like that.  Seriously, our standard approaches may not be much help in understanding what is going on here.

Goin Green in BC

British Columbia Premier Gordon Campbell hasproposed to create a Pacific Coast bloc of states to become more environmentally friendly.  This is wise because waiting on the federal government will take too long for large scale action.  Other tasks include decreasing reliance on coal and moving toward wind power, leasing hybrid cars to the government, and decreasing the influence of the oil and gas industry among others.  Cambell wants to make B.C the “Continents greenest spot.”  He is currently meeting with Gov. Shwarzenneger in Santa Barbara.  With these advances BC is leading North America.



  1. Its a good start to having a better environment. This sounds promising, but where would the funding for these “tasks” come from? Moving towards a more environmentally friendly society is difficult to achieve, because not everyone would go along with the solutions. The situation should be better informed to the public, rather than taking it to his own hands. But overall I feel like its a good start to perserving this planet.

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