Posted by: bklunk | March 25, 2007

I’ve Seen This Movie, and I Didn’t Like How It Ended

The article referenced here refers to Somalia as the icon for failed states and observes, “The recent injection of a small force of African Union peacekeepers does not seem to have made a difference.”

Somalia: What will happen next?

On wednesday, March 21st, a full-scale fight broke out when Ethiopian and government soldiers stormed into a neighborhood to disarm gunmen, instead dozens of masked men mutilated the bodies of 15 soldiers, dragging them through the streets and setting them on fire. Witnesses have said that when they first struck the matches, a few soldiers were still alive! It makes us thinnk about the incident in 1993, when Somalis turned against American peacekeepers and dragged their bodies through the streets. They are in a transitional government and some residents are scared it is heading in the same direction of the last 13 governments,” a vortex of clan violence and anarchy that has made Somalia an icon of a failed state”( Gettleman) What can be done to get to some sort of agreement and peace in that area? What else could the United Nations, African Union and the United States do to help?

Source: “15 die when Somalis try to disarm rebels” by Jeffrey Gettleman, March 22,2007 


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