Posted by: bklunk | March 25, 2007

The First Two Episodes Were Really Good, but Then There Were Those Icky Ewoks and Those Whiny Guys Playing Anakin

According to one theory of policy analysis, proponents of policy ideas often look for problems that their pet policy proposals can be the solution for.  Is this one of those answers looking for a question or is there a real problem for which this would be the answer?

“Neo Star Wars” causes fear in Europe

According to CNN, the United State’s plan to build a missile defense shield in Europe has received mixed reviews from Europe.  The first response came from Russian President Vladimir Putin when he claimed the shield was an act of aggression against Russia.  Former NATO Assistant Secretary-General Norman Ray says this is only an attempt to remake Reagan’s Star Wars defense shield.  The worst fallout in in Berlin, where German Chancellor Merkel fears that this will deter her efforts to rebuild the relationship between the European Union and Russia.

One plan to solve  the dilema is for NATO to add onto the defense shield in order to protect all of Europe.  This then creates the problem of who will be in control of the defense.  If this problem is not quickly resolved,  it will only lead to further divisions in the relationship between the United States and Europe.

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  1. With the continued strain of the Iraq War placed on US/Europe relations, the resolution of this strategic defense issue would create a much needed positive in the world politics arena. By allowing NATO to control the expanded European defense system, it would create an opportunity for the US and Europe to be united on an issue, bolstering this already weak relationship. It would also allow NATO to play an integral role in defense against nuclear attacks. The alleged rebirth of Reagan’s Star Wars defense shield is a moot point, as the importance for a European defense system must be considered to defend against the treats of today, and not viewed in the context of over 20 years ago.

  2. The idea of implementing a so-called shield to protect the United States from an attack is a great idea. Anytime there is technology in place that can be used to protect innocent civilians from becoming hurt is a good on in my book. I know that the United States has to be concerned with the wants and desires of the various relationships that it has built throughout the years, yet protection is most important. I look at this as a sort of reverse arms race. An arms race for protection should be considered a good thing not a bad thing.

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