Posted by: bklunk | April 2, 2007

Suicide or Murder

A critical difference between women acting as suicide bombers and children used as decoys for suicide bombing is that children have no real capacity to decide for themselves to participate in such a bombing. You might find some reason to respect those who sacrifice themselves for a cause. But . . .

Bombers blow up 2 children used as decoys


Just a Richardson mentions on page 120,

…if Al-Qaeda finds it to be in its interest to deploy women as suicide terrorists, it is likely to adjust its religious rulings on the subject accordingly.

It seems that terrorists are now aiming to use children as decoys because it is in their interest to inflict such terror among others.

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  1. Using children in warfare is a dirty weapon. Since there is a certain amount of protection and care that is typically given to women and children, cases like this tend to be a slap in the face. It is completely immoral and highly devious to use innocent bystanders and civilian populations as decoys to further your motives. The fact that the bombers in this situation knowingly left the two children in the car and then fled to save their own lives is even more disturbing. When a group has to stoop so low as to try to trick the “enemy” because they know the ethical rules that person follows will allow them protection, it shows that they have no regard for human life. There is a point these “freedom fighters” reach when actions such as these give no reason for any humanitarian organization or state to sympathize or side with their motives and their cause of action. It is one thing to fight for a cause you believe in and you are willing to sacrifice you life for, but it is a completely different story when in fighting for the cause you are willing to sacrifice innocent lives, such as children, who don’t know any better or have no other option but to comply.

  2. I find this situation to be very disturbing, yet at the same time, I am not surprised. I am not surprised becuase as devastating as the situatio is, I figured that it was only a matter of time before using children in warfare would be a scare tactic.

    I very much agree that it is wrong, and extremely devious of the enemey to do such a thing. As Alison said in the previous post, people do put a certain amount of protection and security around women and children. Therefore, when such a heinous act is committed towards women and children, there is naturally going to be a larger response. I belive that the “enemy” knows this, and that is part of the reason why they choose to use women and children. It is a tragedy that innocent people are involved in such a crime, and it is selfishness on the part of the “enemy” to play with human lives as cavalierly as they do for their own gain.

    While it is noble that people fight for their country and have pride. It is a different story when there is murder and deliberste harm being wrought among innocent people.

  3. I also find the use of chilrden as suicide bombers extremely sad and disturbing. Not only is it immoral act taking advantage of those who are truly innocent and under the power of manipulation. The use of children as suicided bombers does not typically involve the goal as killing as many people as possible, but rather the goal of organizations that allow for child suicide bombers is to manipulate global and public opinion. My question is where are the human rights group stepping in to stop this phenomena? There are many accounts of child suicide bombers from Palestine that are used in the Israel/Palestine conflict. It seems that human rights groups have turned a blind eye to these immoral acts.

  4. I think Rebecca’s comment above is right on. The situation is awful, but I’m not really surprised either. We are talking about religious fanatics who are willing to kill themselves and innocent people for their cause. I am actually surprised that it hasnt taken them longer to commit this horrible act. These suicide bombers think nothing of killing the children of “infidles” so why would they hesitate to involve the children of the “faithful” in their missions? These children of course do not have a choice in the matter, but I’m sure there is some motivation behind it…they extremists wouldnt put their own children in harms way if they didnt believe that Allah would grant them some kind of reward. Sadly though, it is quite possible that these children were murdered for nothing. Nothing was gained from their death on earth and there may be no gain beyond this world either. If Allah is a god of peace, I sincerely doubt that he would look favorably on children being used as weapons!

  5. This is really a sick and disgusting turn of events. I maybe am too positive about the basic good of human beings, but I do believe that all people are basically good and can see right and wrong. This story definitely makes me look differantly at my stance. I simply don’t understand how these people can see any good in hurting innocent children who simply can not have any idea whats going on around them. This is obviosly immoral, and I just don’t see how these people can justify doing these acts, both in the sense of their religion and just as a basic human. I also agree with the writer above who asked were the human rights groups are in regards to this issue. I was outraged after reading this and people around the world should be as well, including human rights groups that could possibly make a differance.

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