Posted by: bklunk | April 2, 2007


One of Winston Churchill’s famous quotes is that “talk, talk is better than war, war.”

India and Pakistan, More Talking

According to the newsvine article, Top Indian, Pakistani Diplomats Meet, another round of talking over the disputed territory Kashmir will take place this week.  Peace talks broke down after the bombing of trains in Mumbai last July.  Has diplomacy done anything for the territory disputed since 1947?  “While the peace process has not produced any major breakthrough on Kashmir, it has seen the two countries normalize diplomatic ties, resume severed transportation links, and made travel across the two countries’ heavily militarized border easier.”  Two wars and continued talks have not yet determined the fate of Kashmir.  No one seems to be backing down so far, what will it take to settle the issue?  Kashmir should become independent.  Of course this is only possible if there is a force willing to make India and Pakistan to back down. 

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