Posted by: bklunk | April 13, 2007

Talking, Well You Know . . .

The intriguing thing about Turkey, warts and all (and there are plenty of warts) is that it is about the only model we have of a secular Islamic society. Arguably, the West has a stake in Turkey’s successful development.

Turkey and the EU – mutually beneficial? « International Politics

This article was interesting – it was definately a perspective which I haven’t heard very much. It came from the Cypress Observer, and the author feels that Turkey joining the European Union will be mutually beneficial for both (although he talks mainly about the benefits for the European Union). He seems to feel that the European Union is “slowly and gradually fading away from the wrold scene, more or less in every aspect” and that without immigrants from elsewhere, there will be a huge crisis in Europe. He cites fertility rates as the main problem, but also mentions the liberalism of the economy of Europe and unemployment and GDP.

Personally, I’m inclined to believe that he is merely trying to make a case for Turkey to join the European Union. I think that if it was as mutually beneficial as he claims for Turkey to join, then they would be a member. There are many other factors affecting their application besides the need for immigrants. I’m also not entirely sure how that helps since he later says that the EU cannot create enough jobs for the population that he has now, even though he said that they need immigrants because their stable birth rate is the problem. Personally, from the way the article reads, it seems as though he is just trying to push for Turkey and doesn’t address the entire picture.

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