Posted by: bklunk | April 14, 2007

Can’t I Just Get a Patch for Arms Race 1.9.3?

Our image of Iran tends to be that it is a sort of juvenile delinquent state, capable of doing all sorts of things, but not yet responsible enough to be trusted to make choices (like acquiring nuclear weapons) that mature states like the U.S. and the U.K. can make.  How do you suppose the situations looks from Iran’s point of view? 

Iran is expanding its nuclear program. « Justin Goes “International”

Well people, welcome to arms race 2.0….

Iran is “planning” for its future by building a few new powerplants that are capable of producing 1000 megawatts. Iran plans to build 50,000 new centrifuges that will be able to make a great deal of nuclear fuels for all sorts of purposes, including providing the fuel for these powerplants. While Iran claims that these fuels will be used for industrial purposes, there is still the matter of nuclear weapons, and their desire to acquire them. Ahmadinejad said that the progress made on building these powerplants is for peaceful and stability, and that this is a nonreversible step in the right direction. While Iran has been under scrutiny for its want to acquire nuclear weapons, they insist that they are not violating any laws by creating this nuclear program…. But, we will eventaully find out what their true desire is. Until then, its time to terrorize the streets of liberty city, in grand theft auto….


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  1. It seems that getting Iran to cooperate with international laws, especially concerning nuclear energy and weapons, is a lost cause. I’m sure the Iranians and Ahmadinejad especially, think they are being targeted and harassed for no reason whatsoever, and are most likely upset because the world does not trust them with nuclear technology. But the fact remains that although the Iranians say they haven’t violated international law, they actually have, and for that reason alone they should be closely monitored. Iran is like an adolescent, let’s all hope that with a parental figure like the U.S. guiding it, this phase shall pass. (But then again, are we really the best role models?)

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