Posted by: bklunk | April 14, 2007

See-Through Government

Is there any doubt that the implicit bargain for a country like China participating in global institutions that it desires–like global trade–is agreeing to play by global rules.  It may not be comfortable for the Chinese regime, but transparency and low levels of corruption are two of the rules.

I feel I’ve Read this Before « Beffa’s International Relations Blog

An Article appearing on The Washington Post’s website stated that the Bush Administration will seek to pressure China to crack down on its rampant black market of US copyrighted material via the WTO. The Bush administration claims that the illegal sale of these copyrighted goods, such as movies and books, have lead to the loss of 2.3 Billion dollars for US Companies. I took notice to this article mainly because as I was conducting research for my wiki project I cam across an article that stated the United States and other countries are attempting to “liberalize” China by means of major international organizations like the WTO. I suppose this could be interpreted as an act on the part of the Bush administration to create a “better” government in China by forcing the Chinese government to crack down on these illegal dealings.

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