Posted by: bklunk | April 18, 2007

All in All, This Might Seem Like Progress

At least, they are talking . . .

Urging North Korea to Undergo Inspections… « Justin Goes “International”


Today, Sunday, The United States is urging North Korea to “willingly” allow international inspectors to search North Korea for Nuclear Weapons. After Korea refused to shutdown a reactor from the Soviet Era, the United States is becoming more weary of the nuclear accumulations that North Korea has. The Unites States and Korea made an agreement that they would shut down a reactor in exchange for the recovery of assets that the United States froze. North Korea has not made god on this, and as a result, the United States is becoming weary. The United States is awaiting North Korea to make good on this agreement before releasing the funds, and also releases the oil…


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  1. It is quite interesting how this complex dance of foreign relations plays out with nations tip-toeing through suspicious and uncertain territory. To note that North Korea and the United States have actually been talking with each other about the issue of nuclear capability and accumulation is quite significant. It is a wary path to tread, but there must be some sort of accountability on the part of North Korea for the sake of the world population. These issues are so vast and all-encompassing that there is not one person who can say they do not have a stake in how North Korea does or does not cooperate with other world leaders. We all have a stake in this; and, while this article is just a baby step, and one that has not even been completed, just the fact that this step was mentioned is quite remarkable for the foreign and nuclear relations of these two countries.

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