Posted by: bklunk | April 18, 2007

Is It Time to be Hopeful?

Well, is it?

Darfur agreement… « peace and war

Sudan signed a joint agreement with the United Nations and the African Union, in which gives a definition of their role in Darfur. The Saudi king Abdullah said that the agreement ”Will support Sudan’s unity, security, stability and peace.” More than 200,000 people have been killed in the four-year conflict and it seem like it is stillnot clear of what it is and what should be done. The United States governmnet is using its energy at the wrong subject when it comes to Darfur; instead of deciding how to help, the government is in argument of what it should be called: a genocide or crime against humanity. It has been more lineant towards genocide because it seems like it is the easiest way to get people to help and cooperate. What does not make sense is that even if it would be categorized as crime against humanity, it is just as bad and it would make more sense because a genocide needs evident proof of intent and Darfur does not have that…it is simply a different category, but it is just as serious. The U.N. and Sudan agreed on a three-stage plan to help get the A.U. peacekeeping stronger in Darfur. The first phase has been completed (a light support of U.N. police advisers and other resources). Last Monday, the U.N., A.U. and Sudan agreed on the second phase (constituted of more than 3000 U.N. troops,police and other personnel, as well as, aviation and logistics equipment). Today, a meeting between the U.N. headquaters and A.U. negotiators will try to get a political agreement on Darfur. We will see what will happen next…

Source: “Report:New Darfur Agreement Signed”, by the associated press, April 16th 2007

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  1. I think it is time to be hopeful, however I think we should be apprehensively hopeful. The “conflict” in Darfur has been tragic and has carried on for far too long, so any steps taken to improve the situation are good. It is good that more troops are being sent to control the situation, and I find it hopeful that some groups are finally getting involved here and are not dragging their feet with technicalities like the U.S. has done with the genocide/crime against humanity disagreement. The 3 stage plan sounds like a good one, and I am hopeful it will make a genuine impact in stopping the bloodshed in the region.

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