Posted by: bklunk | April 18, 2007

So, It’s Not All Mentos and Diet Coke on YouTube

This may be the most interesting post this semester. What an extraordinary example of how the globe can become a single social space.

The effects of globalization « International Studies

A recent article in the Washington Post talked about how Mexican drug cartels are posting videos on YouTube showing beheadings, executions, and torture of their victims. It seems that in this new era of increased connectivity due to technology, that now even drug lords are using it to their advantage to recruit new members, make threats, and display their acts of violence. Like the terrorist networks that use the Internet to communicate with one another, Mexican drug cartels are also using the Internet to engage in cyberwars to threaten enemies and glorify their actions. Their reach is much further now as they can release these videos not only for their enemies to see, but also for the entire world to see. Although the acts committed by these drug traffickers are mostly localized in Mexico, they now have a global reach because of the Internet and such sites as YouTube. In an era of increased technology and thus further reach, localized drug cartel murders are now available for the world to see. The local has thus expanded to the global because of the Internet.

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  1. The idea of censorship is an issue that is very contovercial. In the case of the YouTube beheaddings it is completely and totally unnecessary. These executions are not only public, but they are “in your face” and publicized. Children that are not monitored can access such material and these images are not right for their developing minds. YouTube should be held responsible and be forced to remove such acts. They are not only provoking disgusting images, they are also aiding drug cartels and terrorist in communicating with one anotherr and “getting their message across.” YouTube should have to approve all videos before being posted. There is no good that can come out of this communication.

  2. Apparently the videos were removed when people reported them to YouTube, but they were put back up right away by the drug lords. It seems that the only way to end these horrible videos from appearing on YouTube would be that anyone wanting to post a video has to go through an approval process as mentioned in the comment above. Although everyone probably agrees that YouTube is great for watching videos on many different topics, we also probably all agree that no one needs to see a beheading on the internet much less young children who have access to YouTube.

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