Posted by: bklunk | April 29, 2007

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You should check out POLS 51 BLOG

Human Trafficking: A Toolkit for Trafficking « POLS 51 BLOG

The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime put out a “toolkit” that aims to answer questions about trafficking as well as provide resources about what to do when one encounters a trafficked being and what steps one can do to help that person. Toolkit!

It’s 250 pages long and gives scenarios and talks about what we should do. It gives facts and explains in layman’s terms what’s happening and how we can prevent this.

I like the way it’s organized. It explains the roots, the consequences, the people involved, gray areas and numerous numbers and resources.

It’s basically a gigantic “how-to”.

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  1. This blog brings up an increasingly prevalent issue facing today’s globalized society. One major consequence of the increased mobility of today’s society is also the ease for human traffickers to move their cargo. Also, with society’s need for secrecy and protecting identities, most people involved with the trade will never be caught. The United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime “tool kit” is an attempt to help counteract some of these activities – but I doubt it will greatly influence the trade as a whole. The fact that it is 250 pages means that very few people will read it, and those who do attempt to will probably skim the first 5 pages then stop.
    One step that I feel has not been taken is a study of the trafficking industry – specifically the traffickers. By taking a look at the individuals who run the industry, we would be better able to counteract their actions. Also, by understanding more thoroughly how the industry is set up, where the human cargo are sent from and from where, more people will be helped in the long run. Why I applaud the UN’s attempt at stopping this act by trying to get the word out to the general public, I feel a 250 page manual was not the greatest idea.

  2. Human Trafficking is a horrendous crime and as a whole is left free to operate unchecked by most of the world. It is true that most countries have their own laws about human trafficking and their own policies for dealing with it and traffickers; however, there is a lack of unanimous agreement about the seriousness of human trafficking and boarder control throughout the world. This means that if the goal is to get people from A to B but B has carefully watched boarders on 3 sides, but a treating leaving 1 of its boarders more open, then the route changes to go A to C to B. For a number of reasons the UN is unable to get involved as a whole in dealing with issues of human trafficking simple because most countries do not want to give any control of their boarders over to the organization, or cannot agree on what is a good policy. So the UN, desperately concerned with human rights throughout the world, is left sitting on the bench so to speak not out of choice but because no one wants them to play. With little options on what it can do to help influence the subject the UN has decided to put out a book. Will the book help a lot of traffickies or significantly hinder the traffickers? Time can only tell; but the UN backed into a corner and not allowed to do much feels it needs to take a stand against human trafficking and the book is a way of saying we are adamantly against this, even if the rest of the world could care less (slight over-exaggeration).

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